mental health nurse depression

My brain has been just a teeny tiny bit of a mess over the past couple of months. More so than it has been which isn’t really great to deal with. The thing is, I really hate going to see the doctor but I hate feeling like this more. So, I did finally manage to get myself to my GP and got a referral to the mental health nurse that came into the surgery once a week.

Let’s just give a quick bit of background on this. I was diagnosed with depression in November 2017 and I’ve been on antidepressants for just over a year. One of the first times I went to see my GP about my mental health she referred me to that same mental health nurse … in 2017. And I never got anything back from that. I will take some of the blame for this because I never really chased it up. But things had gotten better and I didn’t see the point. But yeah, never got that first referral which the doctor I saw recently thought was really strange. View Full Post

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