A massive thank you to Hashtag Press and Swansea Bloggers Collective for gifting me a proof of A Girl Behind Dark Glasses. A Girl Behind Dark Glasses is a true story written by Jessica Taylor-Bearman who suffers from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), or something you might have heard called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She writes from the time her symptoms first appeared to when she got her diagnosis to the end of a very long stint in hospital. She uses ‘Bug’, her journal she kept at the time, to help her recount her thoughts, feelings and experiences. I’ll be honest, the most that I knew about ME was from a few people I follow in the blogging world that suffer from it. And the extent of my knowledge really wasn’t that vast. But this book was a complete eye-opener for me and I am so glad that I had the chance to read it. It’s a harrowing book. I’m not going to even try and say that it isn’t. Taylor-Bearman doesn’t dress up her chronic illness in this and nor should she have to. She gives us and honest and brutal retelling from the years following her diagnosis.This book made me realise just how much resilience one person can have. It made me root for Jessica the entire time and oh my gosh, the need the for me to get to the end of the book to know what her life is like now was real. I’m not saying that this book isn’t go to hurt to read, because it does. There are going to be points where you’ll be angry, upset and hopeful all within a couple of pages. But I feel like this is such and important book to read. The insight that it gives into ME, especially to people who don’t suffer from it or don’t know people that do. It’s a beautifully written book and shines a light on a chronic illness that some people may not know a lot about. I honestly think it’s a very important book to pick up!If you get the chance, try and pick because you won’t regret it. You can grab it from the Book Depository over here for £8!  Rating  4/5