park guell barcelona spain travel holiday summerMy last of two posts on my trip to Barcelona. And this one highlights the beauty that is Park Guell. Just like the Sagrada Familia, this was another masterpiece of Gaudi. The park itself is free to enter but it’s the Monumental Core where you need to buy tickets in order to enter.

The park without the Monumental Core is a pretty basic park to be fair. We had managed to go through the entrance that takes you right to the top of the park and then you walk through it all to get to the middle where you queue to enter the Monumental Core. Even though the stairs to get to the park pretty much killed off me and all of my family, it was worth it when you got to the Core. View Full Post

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sagrada familia

Hey guys. I’m back to blogging after a couple of beautiful days in Barcelona. It was a stunning city and if you want to see the first part of the holiday you can check out my vlog over here. But I thought I’d share one of the highlights of my trip with you guys which was the absolutely stunning Sagrada Familia.

We ended up seeing this gorgeous cathedral on the first full day that we were in Barcelona. After a long day of walking around the streets I was looking forward to just being able to have a wander around in the cathedral and taking in the history. Suffice to say that I wasn’t disappointed. View Full Post

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I’ll tell you what, I love writing a good Chai with Sai post. So, it’s time to sit dow with a cuppa because today I’m talking about the need for perfection. It’s not only evident in the blogging world, but it happens in day-to-day life. I hope you guys enjoy today’s post and if you want to check out my last Chai with Sai post you can find it hereView Full Post

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Hey, guys! A little while back and did a post on my top ten Disney films which you can find over here. So, I thought it was about time that I shared with you guys what my top five Pixar films are. Pixar do some of the most amazing films. They’re visually amazing and carry such brilliant and important stories and messages.

pixar up russel1. Up

Without a doubt, this had to be the top of my Pixar film list. This film never fails to make me laugh and cry. How can you not
love Russel in this? It’s an extremely heart-warming story with a message of making sure you always live your life to the full. The beginning of this film always leaves me heartbroken but by the ending, I’m always left feeling content.

2. Inside Out

The perfect film to explain all sort of emotions and mental health to young people without overwhelming them. It was so amazing to watch for the first time. I loved how they personified emotions and I’ve got a little plush version of Sadness in my room now.

coco pixar disney animation3. Coco

How can you not love this film? One of Pixar’s more recent releases and it was so gorgeous. Anything about Day of the Dead I find really intriguing and this was a really lush story. From the songs to the characters. There was honestly nothing to dislike about this film. Admittedly, it did end up taking me a fair bit of time of time to watch it after it was released but it was definitely worth it.

4. Monster’s Inc.

This is such a classic of my childhood and I still watch it with the same amount of love as I did back then. It was just one of those films I can always remember being in my life and it’s always been one of my go-to films to watch. Personally, I think I relate the most to Mike out of all of them. As much as the prequel was amazing, nothing is going to beat the original for me.

5. The Incredibles pixar disney the incredibles superheroes top five

To be honest, this is another film that I feel has always been in my life. And I really don’t watch it enough. The film had superheroes in it. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE IT!? I remember always wanting to be a part of their family when I was younger but it all looked so cool. Even now I kind of wish I had both of Violet’s powers. I haven’t watched the sequel yet but I’m just as excited for that.

So, those are my top five Pixar films. Let me know what yours were in the comments.

Much Love,

Sai xo

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travel essentials travelling2018 is a pretty amazing year for me so far as travelling goes. In April, I was in Edinburgh for a few days. In August I’m off to Barcelona for a couple of days with my family and September is going to mean me going to Dubai for a week with Zara. I’m so so excited for all of it and I’m incredibly lucky to be able to travel as much as I can this year! However, travelling comes along with having to pack and make sure I have everything that I need. Especially when it comes to long haul flights because I need to try and keep myself entertained for a good couple of hours. So, I thought I would share with you guys what my travel essentials are. View Full Post

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