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My brain has been just a teeny tiny bit of a mess over the past couple of months. More so than it has been which isn’t really great to deal with. The thing is, I really hate going to see the doctor but I hate feeling like this more. So, I did finally manage to get myself to my GP and got a referral to the mental health nurse that came into the surgery once a week.

Let’s just give a quick bit of background on this. I was diagnosed with depression in November 2017 and I’ve been on antidepressants for just over a year. One of the first times I went to see my GP about my mental health she referred me to that same mental health nurse … in 2017. And I never got anything back from that. I will take some of the blame for this because I never really chased it up. But things had gotten better and I didn’t see the point. But yeah, never got that first referral which the doctor I saw recently thought was really strange. View Full Post

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blogging world toxic toxicity bloggers stereotypes

My gosh has it been long since i’ve gotten around to writing a Chai with Sai piece. I’ve been inundated with uni assignments but I’m squeezing in time to get back to writing blog posts. So, here I am with a topic that I’ve been thinking about for a little while now. Is the blogging world as toxic as people make it out to be?

Most days I log into twitter and there will be someone talking about the latest in blogging drama or how they don’t feel that the blogging world is as supportive as it used to be. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions and I respect them. But sometimes I wonder if the blogging world is really as toxic as people on the outside feel like it is.

All influencers are painted with the same brush. We’re wannabe-celebrities, money grabbers who have never done a day’s work in their lives. And, of course, we do it for the free stuff. On top of all that, we’re apparently a vicious bunch who are harmful to society. Who blog for our own personal gain and are the least supportive people that you’ll meet. They paint a really nice picture of us, don’t they? View Full Post

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jan 2018 bullet journal january goals

Hola, everyone! We’re over a week into the new year and I thought it was about time that I shared my January goals. I’ve never been a monthly goal setter to be honest but it’s something that I think I’m going to benefit from. I kind of just hope that I’ll do things in the month and they don’t happen. Either because there’s nothing really pushing me to do those things or because I forget. Since I started to use my bullet journal though I’m trying to get my life just a little more organised. I’m hoping it’s going to help me make more time for myself between uni work and give my mental health a chance to get better. I’ve got about four goals that I want to achieve this month. Some of them are changes that I think might improve my life and some of them are general self care things where I hope I’ll take more time for myself. View Full Post

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Matilda uk tour the musical wmf wales millennium centre

Happy New Year, my lovelies! We’re into 2019 and I kick started my year in the best way possible! By going to see a show on New Year’s Day. Matilda’s been on a UK tour for a couple of months now and have been doing a pretty long stint in the Wales Millennium Centre. So, having booked tickets a year in advance, it was finally time to go and watch it.

Matilda has been one of those shows that I’ve heard so much about. There’s been a lot of hype and everyone that has gone to watch it has always had good things to say. I love the book and I love the film but, to be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to feel about the play. Sometimes when a show has too much hype, I feel like my hopes get a bit too high and I just end up disappointed.

This was so far from the case with Matilda. I was in love with this show from beginning to end. There’s not a single complaint that I have about the show because everything about it was just perfect. I was absolutely enamoured by the staging. It was so bright and colourful. I kept hunting for hidden words in the letters that framed the stage and all of them related to the show somehow.

I was in absolute awe of the child actors and the shear commitment that they have to put on a performance like that. The energy they had was electric, between the dancing and the singing you could just tell them amount of effort that was put into it all. The way that the dancing was incorporated into some of the props was beautiful to see and I was a massive fan of it.

The play does stray away from the film and the book a little bit but I didn’t mind that. It still had the same basic plot with a few twists and turns in the way. And I’m extremely glad that I didn’t listen to the full soundtrack beforehand because the songs were just another surprise. But I can tell that I’m going to be listening to the songs fora little while now.

Matilda still has a couple of stops in the tour left with tickets still available. So, if you have the chance, I’d definitely recommend going to watch it. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll be leaving the theatre with a massive smile.

Sai x

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Only nine days left until Christmas! Admittedly, I’ve not been in the most festive of moods lately and normally I’m ready for Christmas from November. But our Christmas tree is all up and I’m slowly feeling a bit more festive bit by bit so I thought I’d share with you guys the Christmas ornaments that my sister has gotten me over the past couple of years. Every year we get get each other one special ornament to add to our own collection so here’s what I’ve got right now.

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