If there’s one thing that I’ve always needed when I’m revising, it’s music. I can’t stand revising in silence but I also hate hearing people around me talk or just random noise so I always have some kind of music on when I’m doing work. The majority of the time, I need a lot of motivation to get me to do any kind of work so I created my motivation playlist to help me try and get some work done. 
There’s a massive mismatch of songs on there, there are some that I feel are pretty inspirational, upbeat ones that make me want to get through my work a little faster and a few songs for musicals that cheer me up. So, without further ado, here’s my motivational playlist on Spotify.  

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Going back into school after results was a bit of a relief given that I thought that I would be starting Year 13 having to make up for some particularly bad results. In the end, they came back a lot better than I thought they were going to be, so I felt like I was able to start this new school year on a pretty good foot.

The past term has been taken over with applying for university. It’s been hectic and a little stressful to deal with but I was finally able to send off my application midway through November and started to hear back from universities. I applied for Medical Engineering in Swansea, Cardiff, Sheffield, Hull and Strathclyde and right now. Thankfully, I’ve now heard back from all five so it’s time that I start picking out my firm and insurance choice.

I’ve been spending the past couple of months starting to make revision notes ready for mocks and Summer exams. I’m in the middle of feeling like I have enough time to revise and feeling like there’s no time at all. Even though Summer does feel far away, I know the months are going to start flying by now.

Mock exams are going to be starting in two weeks and I so thankful that I’ve only got two this year. Between my physics and maths paper, allocating time to revise both hasn’t been all too difficult but I cannot wait to get them out of the way so there’s just a little less pressure on me.

Other than that, I know that the next few months are going to be a little bit busy. I’ve got university applicants’ days coming up, tests and a whole load of revision that isn’t waiting for anyone but I’m going to try and face it all with the best attitude that I can.

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With the school year in swing and university slowly starting back up, I thought I’d share with you some of the apps and websites that I find most useful to get me through the school year as well as a few others I’ve found.

Forest – Stay Focused, Be Present 
This is my favourite app to use when I want to be as productive as possible when I’m doing homework or revising. You get to decide the amount of time you want to put your phone down for and the app will plant a tree. If you decide to go away from the app to check something else on your phone then the tree will die. You can carry on building your forest every time you use the app. What I love about Forest is that you can add your friends to compete against them but you can also use the app when you want to spend time away from your phone. Forest is available on a range of different platforms: iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox and Windows Phone.


Lanes is a great website that tends to be quite soothing when I’m doing work. The website has a really simple design that isn’t distracting and I find that it helps me focus. You can add tasks to the site in the order that you want to complete them in so they’ll pop up telling you what you should be going at the moment. As soon as you’re finished with a task, you mark it as completed. One really great thing about the website is that you’re still able to see what all of your completed tasks are at the end of the day,  I find it quite useful quite useful because I like being able to see how productive I’ve been.

This has ended up being one of the most useful sites that I have gone to when I’ve needed to find or create revision material. Quizlet is a great community online where people can make flashcards for their subjects and then share them online for everyone else to use as well. You can add questions, definitions and pictures to the flashcard and you can either use them to test yourself or have both sides facing you so you can revise from them. You can create classes on there and add your friends to it so you can combine all of your revision resources together and revise as a group. Quizlet has been such a massive help to me, especially as I went through GCSEs. You do need to put some effort into it if you can’t find the revision sets that you want but it’s completely worth it.

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