second year uni university swansea engineering stem student Summer came and went too quickly for me and suddenly I’m now a week and a half into my second year. This time last year I was still trying to figure my way around campus and settling into lectures. this year has been a completely different and weird experience. It’s kind of difficult to put my finger on exactly how I feel about this year but here goes nothing.

I’ve been a tad bit apprehensive about this academic year. My depression kicked off around this time last year and it was really at its worst. And, whilst I haven’t focused much on it, it’s hard to completely clear it from your mind. It’s been a little scary to go back into uni at this time of year and remember how things spiralled. But there are such massive differences between this year and the last. I feel so much more comfortable and confident about uni in general, I had a solid group of people who I count as really close friends and I just feel like I’m going into it all with a lot more positivity.

There’s just been a general worry about my degree going into this year. I did try during my first year but it feels like there’s a lot more riding on the next couple of months. I can already tells for the first few days that things have gone up a gear in a way that I wasn’t completely expecting. I love my degree and it’s why I want to do well in it but my ambition sometimes scares me and it’s what’s caused the worry about going into my second year.

Aside from the apprehension and worry though, I’ve been excited. My love for the field that I’m going into has only grown over the past year. My modules this year look amazing and we really are specialising into our engineering disciplines now. Last year was a lot more general engineering and as much as I did enjoy it, it’s nice to really be able to delve into specific subject that I’m interested in.

I’m throwing myself into a lot more this year but still trying to make sure that I don’t burn myself out. It’s a really fine line to dance on but I’m slowly getting there. I’ve loved being busy over the last week and a half though, As tiring as it can be, I love filling my days with things that I enjoy and care about. And it’s doing wonders for my mental health.

So, am I scared? Yes. But do I have hopes that this year is going to be a damn good one? Definitely. I can’t wait to see what my second year in uni brings. Here’s to it being a good one.

Much Love,

Sai xo

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I don’t know whether or not I’m ready for the new uni year to start but I don’t really have a choice in whether it starts or not. Going into my second year, I don’t feel as panicked as I did this time last year. I feel so much more comfortable and, somewhat, ready to go in this year. Looking back at my first couple of weeks of uni, here are a couple of things that I wish I had known.

1. Don’t be scared to talk to people on your course

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first year uni university swansea swansea university

I’m still slightly confused about writing this post. I can’t understand how my first year in university is already done. It sounds cliche but it honestly feel like the other day that I went in for enrolment. And now, insha’Allah, as long as my exams go well, I’m a third of the way to be a qualified engineer. View Full Post

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degree university I am not a full time blogger and I’m pretty sure that it’s something I’ve mentioned to you guys before. I thought it would be pretty nice to let you guys know what I’m working towards when I’m not running my blog.

Some of you might know that I’m a full time student in my local university. I decided not to move away for uni and I’m pretty glad that I made that decision to be honest. I’m currently in my first year and studying Medical Engineering. Let’s be honest, my discipline of engineering really isn’t the most popular one. And that’s why I wanted to talk to you guys about it. View Full Post

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We’re on the last day of February and that’s given two months to try out my new planner that I bought for this year. I thought it was about time that I shared a little tour of it with you guys and show you what it’s like.

I ended up buying the Trigg Life Mapper from Etsy when I was looking for a new planner to buy. The planner retails for around £18. I know some people might find expensive but if there’s one thing that I do invest in, it’s a planner. I was really interested in the layout of this planner as well and was hoping that it was going to help out a lot pot aspects in my life. So, I took the plunge and bought it.

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