After months of patiently waiting for tickets to be released and then the show date, Saturday 12th finally came around and me and Zara were London bound to way Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and I could not have been more excited. However, with a couple of hours before the first part. we wanted to kill some time and there were two stops in London that I couldn’t wait to make. I don’t know how long I’ve wanted to go to Lush Oxford Street and the store didn’t disappoint me. With three floors of glorious Lush products, I was basically in heaven. After spending a little too much money in there we made our way over to the Oxford Street Waterstones where I broke my book ban and ended up picking up two books.  The last stop on the list before the show was The House of MinaLima, Situated just around the corner from the Palace Theatre, The House of MinaLima is an exhibition from the graphic designers of the Harry Potter movies. The place is covered from ceiling to floor in all of their work and the best part of it was that the vast majority of what they were showcasing was also being sold. The very last stop was then the show. Every single expectation that I had was completely blown out of the water. From the start of part one to the end of part two, I was hooked onto every single thing that was happening on stage. It’d be so easy to compare the show to all of the films but it was entirely different and in such a good way. The way they incorporated all of the spells and potions was astounding. It was all so seamless and I couldn’t go over how well they had pulled it all off. I feel like there was a large weight put on the shoulders Jamie Parker, Noma Dumezweni and Paul Thornley who played Harry, Hermione and Ron but the captured each character so well. The entire cast did such a fantastic job. It’s hard enough to perform live but with all of the staging for Cursed Child, there was a lot more that could go wrong but everyone handled it so well and I was transported back into a world that I continued to fall in love with. It’s completely worth the watch for any Harry Potter fan.