grape and olive christmas showcase 2018 swansea meal buffet set menu * Huge thanks to Grape and Olive for inviting me to their Christmas showcase event. It in no way has altered my views.

It’s never ever too early to think about Christmas. Well, that’s what I think anyway. The new academic year always makes me start to gear up for Christmas since it’s the next big event for me to look forward to as soon as my birthday is done. So, from the second week of September I’m already planning out presents and meals. I was extremely thankful to be invited to the Grape and Olive’s Christmas Showcase this year where they were sharing with us some of the items of their three Christmas menus.

Can I just say that the design of the menus were absolutely stunning! Whoever did the graphic design for them did an amazing job. We had the chance to sample from the Christmas Day menu, their Festive Buffet menu and their Festive Set menu. They had a pretty good range of vegetarian options and dishes that don’t contain alcohol which was great for me since I eat halal meat and can’t drink alcohol. So, there were a lot of things to pick from which was lush to know.grape and olive christmas menu spring rolls duck

Thankfully, as well, they decided to let us sample quite a few of the things that were on all three menus. From the starters, mains and desserts. So, here’s what I ended up trying out!

Christmas Buffet Menu

grape and olive christmas showcase menu meal

One of the first things that I tries were their mini savoury croissant which  were topped with toasted seeds. I had the ones that were filled with spinach and ricotta. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed this more than I thought I was going to. I love a good croissant to be fair and the pastry was so soft and flaky. The only issue that I really had is that the filling was a little too creamy but I guess that’s also to be expected with ricotta.

Who doesn’t love a good roast potato, and the ones I had one the night were lush. A roast potato is the make or break of a Christmas dinner, I’m sure I’m not the only one who can think that. They were crisp and gorgeous and just make my evening ten times better. I’m now craving roast potatoes.

Festive Menu

The portobello mushroom, leek and chestnut Wellington was my favourite thing that I had tasted that evening. It was absolutely gorgeous. I’m never actually had a mushroom Wellington before but it was so filling, even from the taster piece that they have us. It was creamy and beautiful. I would happily have that again.

grape and olive swansea christmas showcase 2018 meal menu dessert lemon sicilian tart sweet blogger event

I ended up trying two of the desserts from the Festive menu which was the chelate, almond and pistachio torte and the Sicilian  lemon tart. The lemon start had to be my favourite out of the two. It has such a nice, sharp bite to it. It’d be perfect after quite a heavy and rich meal The torte was nice but I think the raspberries gave it a little bit of a weird taste that I wasn’t expecting. Not only that but the structure didn’t hold that well and it was a little too dense for me.

Christmas Day Menu

grape and olive christmas showcase 2018 roast beef menu meal

So, I only ended up trying one dish from this menu and that was the homemade stuffed aubergine. To get to the point, I wasn’t a huge fan. But then again, I don’t tend to like stuffed vegetables anyway. The aubergine was just a little too tough for me which made it difficult to cut.. It was filled with cous cous, sweet potato. feta and pomegranate. It just wasn’t my cup of tea, I just found it didn’t taste of much.

On a whole though I really enjoyed the evening and I honestly think that the menus are pretty good value for money. So, if you’re in Swansea and looking to book a Christmas meal with family, friends or people from work, I would definitely recommend you checking them out.

Much Love,

Sai xo

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Hey, guys! I learnt that mindfulness day was about a week ago, so really this post would have been better timed to go up then. But oh well! It’s here now and that’s what matters! Over the past couple of months I’ve attempted to look into mindfulness in a bid to help calm my depression down. Whenever I looked online or asked anyone how to help my brain, they said that mindfulness was the way to go. Before that, I’d heard the word batted around a lot. It was always in news articles, on twitter and the hot topic of conversation whenever mental health was bought up.

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If you know quite well, you’ll know that I have been absolutely dreading turning twenty. People have told me that it’s stupid to be scared of it and that I’m still young. But it’s not that I think I’m old. Saying goodbye to being a teenager has been a little bit scary for me. Even though I went through a lot of ups and down, I really did enjoy those years. Whenever I thought about my twenties, I thought about scary adult decisions that I was going to have to make. I wasn’t ready to grow up and have to act more mature.

I turned twenty yesterday and suffice to say, I’m no longer scared about my twenties. My birthday ended up reminding me that as scary as certain things might be. That’s just life. It’s not really anything to do with age. And as many scary decision as I’m going to have to make over the next couple of years, I’ve have an army of people behind me with my best interests at heart. I know they’ll be there to help guide me, give me advice, be a shoulder to cry on and comfort eat with me. What more do I need? View Full Post

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This is not a post I should be writing. I refuse to admit that I need to say goodbye to being a teenager. How is this happening? What’s going on? I don’t understand!… Okay, I think that’s my panic over but I’m not making any promises. 

This feels really weird but yeah. I’m soon going to be saying goodbye to being a teenager and welcoming in my twenties. And whilst I’ll always celebrate my birthday because I’ve managed to make it through another year with all the good, the bad and the ugly, it’s just peculiar to think that I’m going to be a twenty year old. 

My teenage years did teach me a lot though and there’s a lot I’m thankful for. So, I thought I’d share with you guys some of the lessons that I’ve learnt in the past seven years. Alongside an interesting collection of photos from the past seven years. Here goes nothing! 

1) Appreciate your parents

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Hey, guys! I’ve tried to keep myself busy over summer. However, there’s always time for a good old Netflix documentary. There have been some amazing documentaries on there that I’ve watched recently. So, I thought I’d share my favourite ones from this some with you lot.

Brave Miss World

brave miss world netflix documentary

This was such a heartbreaking documentary to watch but I couldn’t recommend it anymore. I hadn’t read too much about the documentary or the topic beforehand. So, I wasn’t really sure what I was to expect. View Full Post

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