balancing blogging blog Most of you have probably realised that I do not blog full time, as much as I would sometimes love to. I’m a first year uni student with a lot of contact hours so that tends to be my first priority. There are days, and a lot of days in this coming semester, that I don’t finish until six so the earliest I get home on those days in seven o’clock. By that time, I’m shattered, hungry and just want to curl up in my pyjamas and spend time with my family.

Blogging isn’t something I want to let go of though just because things in my life can sometimes be a little hectic. It’s such a great creative outlet for me and it helps me unwind when I’m feeling really stressed out. So, I have to find ways of fitting in blogging with my life and making it a low stress as possible.

Keeping To A Schedule

I know this isn’t something that everyone does but I really like being able to keep to a schedule. I try and post twice a week on a Wednesday and Sunday evening. Having a schedule means I’m posting regular content and I’m not leaving a huge space between my posting days. It’s really helped when I’m planning things out and it just helps me keep a track of my blog a little better.

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Planning Ahead

My sister, CopperPoet, introduced to an amazing online calendar called TeamUp and it’s been such a life saver. I use it for uni work as well and my blog and Youtube but I find that it’s a really good way for my to put down which posts I’m going to publish every week. It helps me plan ahead so if I have ideas that would be better to post in a couple of months, I can pop them down on the calendar so I have ideas when the time comes. It’s also so easy for me to move ideas around. If there’s a post that really pressing to publish, I can shift things around. It’s made my blogging life so much easier.

Scheduling Posts

I try and schedule ahead of time as much as I can. Before I hit exam season, I try and schedule all my posts over those weeks because I know I won’t have the time. It means that I still have regular content being posted even if, at the time, I’m not able to sit and write posts. I use the Dot Creates Ultimate Blog Planner to write out posts when I don’t have my laptop on me and it’s been a huge help. I’m finding that I’m getting a lot more of my posts done and it’s saving on so much time.

So, those are the main ways that I balance blogging with the rest of my life. I would love to know how you guys manage to balance blogging with everything else in your life.

Much Love.
Sai xo

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I’m not one who tends to care about New Year resolutions and I’ve always blogged for fun. However, my blog is something that I keep ploughing more and more time into and for that reason, I’ve decided to I want to have some blogging goals this year. These are completely personal blogging goals. I know for some people they might seem really small and for others they might seem huge but I’m just looking at where my blog is at the moment and where I would like to see it go. Everyone’s blog is different and everyone wants different things from their blog, so goals are going to be unique to each individual. I just thought it would be nice to have a record of the goals that I want to achieve with A Cup of Sai this year so I can look back towards the end of the year and see if I had managed any of them.

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blog restarting
As some of you may or may not know, before I had this wonderful blog, I was running a different one. I started it when I was 14, just I was about to start my GCSE’s and it was a book blog with the odd lifestyle post thrown in but book reviews were primarily what I had posted. I’d fallen in love with blogging at that point. I loved getting to know people in the community and being able to share my thoughts with people who had read the same things as me.

However, as I started to grow up a little bit more, my interests had started to expand outside of books and whilst I still loved reading it wasn’t the only thing that I was doing. There was so much more that I wanted to write about and share with people. Suddenly, books weren’t my main focus any more. I wanted my blog to be something that grew with me instead of being at this standstill place.
Unintentionally, I did take a year out of blogging when I started my A Levels. I had joined a new sixth form and the work load was a little crazy so I wanted to spend the year being able to adjust what was going on in school and I settled into a new place. After getting my results in August though, I wanted to go back to doing something that I absolutely loved. So, I had a massive re-brand, bought a new blog design and bought my domain and now here I am. With a blog that I feel now reflects who I am as a person and is growing with me with every post.

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With the 2017 under way, I haven’t made any resolutions for this year. What I have told myself though is that I want to keep my blog a lot more organised. Having opened this blog late last year, I haven’t posted half as much as I have wanted to. School just keeps getting busier and I was struggling to find the time to blog. But if I don’t make time for blogging then I’ll never post.Over Christmas, my parents got me the “Ultimate Blog Planner” which has already been such a massive help to me. It’s been a great way for me to be able to jot my ideas, say when I want it to be posted and it’s made it so much easier for me to be able to plan out blog posts when I’m not at home and at my laptop.

blog blogger planner

The planner gives you the chance to write down the date you’re planning the post, when you want to publish it, post title, your ideas and then check boxes for your words, links, photos and when it’s been published.



I’m really hoping that it’s going to help me to post more frequently and keep more on top of what’s going on my blog.

You can buy The Ultimate Blog Planner here from Dot Creates for £12.50

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