The Girl Behind A Cup of Sai 

Hey, guys! My name is Saira and I’m an 18-year-old girl that comes from a small, seaside city in Wales. I’m in my last year of Sixth Form at the moment, which is a little scary, but I’m currently studying Maths, Further Maths, and Physics. It’s a little crazy and extremely stressful but I wouldn’t change what I get to learn about at all. I’m in the midst of applying for university at the moment and I’m looking at going into Medical Engineering. It’s pretty easy to tell that I love working with numbers from that but as much as I do, I absolutely love reading and writing. They’re two things that I’ve grown up doing and they’ve helped me cope when things get a little too much in school. 
Autumn will forever be my favourite season; I love the colours and the dark mornings and even darker afternoons. A place without rain wouldn’t feel like home, being brought up to always take a raincoat with me, I can’t cope with any kind of sunny weather. My love for food and books trumps most things but my love for my friends and family. 
A Cup of Sai started off in September 2016 but my blogging journey actually start a couple of years before that. I started book blogging back in 2014 but as my life got busier and more things started to change, I realised that there was more that I wanted to blog and more that I wanted to share with people about my life. So, I started this blog up where you can find snapshots about what’s going on in my life and some of my favourite products and places. 
I hope you enjoy reading my posts just as much as I love writing them.