Ebook cover of Naturally Tan with Tan France smiling, with henna on his hands

Thank you to the lovely people at Netgalley and Penguin Random House for sending me a ARC of this book. 

I’ve been a huge fan on Tan France ever since I watched the first episode of Queer Eye. I religiously French tuck my shirts now and more than anything, it’s nice seeing a brown face in a role that spreads some positivity. It gives me something to relate to. So, I was pretty chuffed to be accepted for an ARC copy of his book. 

Naturally Tan gives an insight into how Tan France got to the place that he is today. He writes about his childhood, what it was like to be gay in a South-Asian, muslim community and his love of fashion. There were so many different parts of his life that made him what he is today that I hadn’t even thought about. We get to know how he went from job-to-job, set up a business, met his husband and eventually landed a role that we all know him so well for. Tan’s life had been far from straightforward. 

There was a light tone to the book that make it easy to read but it still hit hard when you read about all the things that he’s struggled with throughout his life. The sass in this book was evident and I’ll forever appreciate Tan’s straight to the point writing. The book was a wealth of knowledge. Even though it’s the story of his life, there are a lot of life lessons that the reader can learn from it. Resilience, strength and hard work. I think they’re lessons that everyone can take heed of and apply to their lives. 

And of course, would it really be Tan without him throwing some fashion advice in there? Of course not! I love how there were just seeded throughout the book and would always relate to the chapter you had just read. The book just flowed really well and I didn’t find a single moment dull when reading it. If anything, I just wanted to read more. Tan’s life is extraordinary and to be able to get the chance to see where he came from was extremely insightful. 

Definitely a book to read when you’re feeling low, need some inspiration, or just need a bit of kick up the backside. You can pick up Naturally Tan here!* 


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