classics bram stoker dracula fiction vampire I feel like it’s been an absolute age since I’ve sat down with a classic. I’ve just not been in the mood to read one and not had any new ones in my bookshelf. Dracula has been a classic that’s been on my list to read for so long though. So, when I went into Waterstones the other day I couldn’t help but pick it up.
On a whole, I really did enjoy the book. it lived up to most of my expectations and I did have a lot of them. I was completely in love with it from the start. I didn’t want to put it down in fear that I’d end up forgetting something important that wove the entire plot together. I kind of knew what was going to happen anyway but being a classic that is to be expected. But I didn’t find that it took away from the experience of reading Dracula at all. I do have a couple of mixed feelings though. Mainly because there were parts of the book that seemed to drag on a little bit. This especially tended to happen towards the end of the book. I felt like we kind of lost a lot of the tension that Bram Stoker was trying to create. And that did end up disappointing me. It went from what could have been a really strong ending  to something that was quite weak. For the part of the book that I thought was going to pull me in the most, I feel like that’s where I lost my interest. So, whilst it was a book that I enjoyed, I’m not in a rush to reread it and it’s not exactly my favourite classic. But I can see myself rereading it at some point in the future. Next of the list is Frankenstein so make sure you keep an eye for that. Let me know what you thought of Dracula if you’ve read it! Much Love, Saira