blog post writing

Hi hi hi! I’m pretty excited to share this post with you guys since it’s one I had in my head for a while and I finally managed to blurt it out as a blog post so I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. So, here’s the question: Who do you post for? Who’s your blogging audience and why do you write?

When I first started blogging way back in 2014, I didn’t really care. I blogged because I wanted to and I didn’t really think about the other people who were reading it. I wrote because it was something that I enjoyed and I liked being able to share that without really caring if people were reading it or not. It was my own little part of the internet and that was all that mattered for me.

Getting further into the world of blogging and as I spent more years doing it, people put so much of an emphasis of blogging for someone. Knowing your target audience and creating content that would suit them. Content that would draw them in and make sure that they kept coming back. Because that was the way that you’d be able to reach out to brands and get them to work with you.

So, I tried that. For a little while. But I’ll be honest, I still don’t know who the hell my target audience are. Because when I did try, it seemed like a lot of effort. It felt like I was going to spend so much time figuring out who to post for that I would just end up creating cookie cutter content which has never been what I’ve wanted to create.

I put effort into my posts and I love when I see that a post is doing well and I getting views and comments. But the first thing that comes to mind when I make a post now is: is this something that I really want to post? Is it something that I’ll enjoy writing about? Because if I can answer yes to both of those things then I’ll write the post to the best of my abilities and hope that it does well. But that’s all. My interest and love for my blog comes above all else.

So, who do you post for? That’s the whole point in this post. And I’ll happily say that I’ve returned to posting for myself. At the end of the day, you’re the one that having to create the content for your blog. You’re the one spending time writing out posts, taking photos, promoting posts. That’s all you. So, why should you have to post for anyone else? The first person who should be getting enjoyment about your content is yourself. Then think about everyone else. I honestly believe that the only way a blog can be a true success is if you’re happy with what you’re posting.

Sai xo