Hey there, beautiful people. I’ve managed to tear myself away from work long enough to get some blog post writing in at last. You have no idea how much I’ve missed it but I’ll explain what’s been going on in another post or YouTube video. Today, I want to celebrate the wonders that are small businesses. I’m a massive believer in supporting small businesses and helping them thrive and that belief has only grown since me and my sister set up on our Etsy shop selling handmade nail polishes.

Whenever possible during Christmas and for birthdays, I try to look for a small business alternative. Whilst it isn’t always possible to but from a small biz, I try my best. So, I thought I would share with you guys some of my my top picks for Christmas gifts from a few small businesses!

Gifts Under £10

christmas small biz etsy uk

There has to be at least one person in your life who loves a good bath bomb and when I saw these on Etsy I knew I wa going to have to add them into this post. Because who wouldn’t love a cauldron bath bomb. Let’s be honest here, most bath bomb cost around the same amount at £3.95 and the detail on this is crazy. This one has woody and floral tents but the shop, MrSuds, does a good couple of other bath bombs with different scents. So, they’re definitely worth checking out.

If you know someone who loves to read, I can pretty much promise you that they will never have enough bookmarks. So, I found a metal, tree of life bookmark on Etsy for £4.99.

virgo necklace constellation small biz christmas etsy gift guide

For something a  jewellery piece that’s a little bit more person, SpotTheTrend are doing lush zodiac constellation necklaces. I’ve got the picture of the Virgo one up at the moment but the shop does them all. They’re in different lengths are currently on sale for £7.20.

Gifts Under £20

small biz christmas guide planner diary etsy

Kicking this section off with something that I always end up needing it’s star covered 2019 planner. I love the design on this so much and you can get it for £13.

There’s also some gorgeous origami fairy lights that would look stunning in any living room or bedroom. I’m so so tempted to get these for myself right now. They’re currently being sold for £16.51.

For the more practical of people among us (definitely not me) there’s a wire organiser that can go in someone’s office to make sure that chords are getting all tangled up. It looks pretty sleek with the smallest size priced at £15.69.

Gifts Under £30

christmas small biz gift guide water bottles neon

What better way to show someone that you care about them then making sure they keep hydrated. There are so many lovely neon water bottles on Etsy right now which you can get personalised. The colours are lush and so bright that you would never lose it. You can get so many uses out of it and it’s for hot and cold drink. The shop is currently selling it at £22.50.

I know I’m not the only one who’s been obsessed with bees and honeycomb this year. So, when I saw this honeycomb clock I had to add it in to the gift guide. It’s beautifully crafted and £21 which I think is pretty good going.

So, that’s my gift guide for this year! I’d love to know if you guys picked up anything from it.

Much Love,
Sai xo

*All links are affiliate links which just means that I get a little bit of money if you buy anything after you click the link but it doesn’t affect the price you pay

**All prices are correct as of time of publishing