Hey, guys! I learnt that mindfulness day was about a week ago, so really this post would have been better timed to go up then. But oh well! It’s here now and that’s what matters! Over the past couple of months I’ve attempted to look into mindfulness in a bid to help calm my depression down. Whenever I looked online or asked anyone how to help my brain, they said that mindfulness was the way to go. Before that, I’d heard the word batted around a lot. It was always in news articles, on twitter and the hot topic of conversation whenever mental health was bought up.
I guess the hype of it all is what put me off of really attempting it properly. I just felt like it was going to be something that was way too over-hyped and would disappoint me. Like it was something that everyone said worked when they had no actual clue whether it did or not. So, maybe I was a little to quick to judge what mindfulness was really about. If I’m completely honest, I always thought I needed to be around complete and utter silence to practice mindfulness. It was one of the things that puff me off of it because I would never be able to find a space like that but after reading into it I found out that isn’t the case at all. You can practice it anywhere and trust me, I have. I do it whilst I’m in work, when I’m walking somewhere. And if a lecture gets particularly overwhelming then I’ll practice some mindfulness in there as well. mindfulness mental health depression day It’s just about grounding yourself and being able to appreciate the small things in your life. By concentrating on things like my breathing or my feet hitting the pavement I feel like I can control things a little bit more. My thoughts aren’t spiralling out of control. I have some power over my depression and I can find ways to calm it down at least. If you give it a change there’s a lot that you’re able to get out of it. I found that it let me notice and be happier about small things in life that I would have let past me by. And to be honest, those moments are what helped push me through the worst parts of my depression. One of the best things about mindfulness for me is that it’s let me become so much more appreciative of every part of my day. If there’s anything that I’ve learnt about mindfulness, it’s that it is what you make of it. Mindfulness is what you want it to be. It’s where you find that inner peace but it really does work. And I’m thankful that I have it the chance.