sagrada familia

Hey guys. I’m back to blogging after a couple of beautiful days in Barcelona. It was a stunning city and if you want to see the first part of the holiday you can check out my vlog over here. But I thought I’d share one of the highlights of my trip with you guys which was the absolutely stunning Sagrada Familia.

We ended up seeing this gorgeous cathedral on the first full day that we were in Barcelona. After a long day of walking around the streets I was looking forward to just being able to have a wander around in the cathedral and taking in the history. Suffice to say that I wasn’t disappointed.

The tickets were from the official Sagrada Familia website and it was really straightforward to sort out. They send you a email with your tickets attached and you just need to print those out. We picked the half six time slot since we wanted to go towards the evening and it wasn’t too busy at that time. We went for the tickets that gave us access to the towers. You can pick between the Passion and Nativity facade, so we went for the Nativity. And along with the tickets, we also had an audio guide but you can buy those on the day. I’d highly recommend booking the tickets if you want to see the inside of the cathedral since you’re going to be lucky if you can get tickets on the day.

Once we had picked up the audio guides we went straight to the tower entrance since you can only enter at the time that’s printed on your ticket. There’s a lift that takes you to the top of the tower and the guy in the lift explained the layout of where we would be walking which was really helpful. The views for the facade are breath-taking. It’s so beautiful. There’s a bridge that you can walk over and you get a lush view of Barcelona from there and you can get a good couple of photos whilst you’re there and don’t have to worry about anyone else bothering you.

It’s the descent that really got to me. So, there’s no lift to go back down to the main part of the Sagrada Familia. Oh no no no. You have to take three hundred steps, down a SPIRAL STAIRCASE. My legs were shaking, there were times where I didn’t feel like I was going to make it down. It was scary and killed my legs but it was completely worth it. I may not have thought it at the time but I’m still glad that I got to see the views for the top of the facade.

The rest of the cathedral was just as awe-inspiring. The audio guide gave such a rich history of the Sagrada Familia and it just felt me feeling in wonder. I don’t think I fully appreciated everything until I heard about the history. There’s a meaning behind every single detail that was put in place and you won’t believe the amount of thought that went into it all.

This is definitely something that I would recommend you taking a look at if you’re in Barcelona. You won’t regret it!

Much Love,
Sai xo