park guell barcelona spain travel holiday summerMy last of two posts on my trip to Barcelona. And this one highlights the beauty that is Park Guell. Just like the Sagrada Familia, this was another masterpiece of Gaudi. The park itself is free to enter but it’s the Monumental Core where you need to buy tickets in order to enter.

The park without the Monumental Core is a pretty basic park to be fair. We had managed to go through the entrance that takes you right to the top of the park and then you walk through it all to get to the middle where you queue to enter the Monumental Core. Even though the stairs to get to the park pretty much killed off me and all of my family, it was worth it when you got to the Core.

park guell gaudi barcelona spain europe

Honestly, everything Gaudi created in the place is absolutely stunning. My only regret is that we didn’t get a tour around Park Guell because I would have loved to have learnt about the history of the park. Even so, it was still an amazing experience. And we were given a leaflet/map to look through and help guide us through the park.

I could have spent hours there just looking around and taking photos. It was a truly gorgeous place. Even though the Monumental Core is busy with tourists and visitors, it still has a really calm and serene feeling to it. Bare in mind though that it gets boiling when the Sun is at its peak and there isn’t a whole load of places where you can find shade. 

Much Love,

Sai xo