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travel essentials travelling2018 is a pretty amazing year for me so far as travelling goes. In April, I was in Edinburgh for a few days. In August I’m off to Barcelona for a couple of days with my family and September is going to mean me going to Dubai for a week with Zara. I’m so so excited for all of it and I’m incredibly lucky to be able to travel as much as I can this year! However, travelling comes along with having to pack and make sure I have everything that I need. Especially when it comes to long haul flights because I need to try and keep myself entertained for a good couple of hours. So, I thought I would share with you guys what my travel essentials are.


I always need headphones with me. Mainly for the actually travelling portion on the holiday. Since I got my Beats, they’re the headphones that I take with me. I can block out any other sound from the plane when I’m travelling and they’re super comfortable for me to relax with as well. It means that I can catch up to some podcasts and listen to music on the way. And that normally takes up a fair bit of my time.

Portable Charger

An essential for me. Being on holiday normally means that we barely spend any time in the hotel so they only time I have a chance to charge my phone is when I’m sleeping. So, it’s always good to keep an emergency charger on me. I’ve got a Kodak one which can store four phones worth of charge which is more than enough to get me through the day

Travel Wallet

To be honest, this probably should have been higher up on the list since I’m not able to travel out of the UK without it. I keep my passport, flight tickets, hotel confirmation, ID and money in there. It’s basically got all of the essential things I need when I’m travelling. The wallet just makes it so much easier to keep everything together in one place. I don’t have to worry about everything moving around in my bag. Plus, the design on it is really cute.


Plane journeys and holidays are the perfect time for me to get some reading done and make my way through my TBR list. I used to take two or three paperbacks with me when I went away. But since getting my kindle, that’s the thing I always take with me on holiday. It’s cheaper for me to get a couple of books on there and they don’t take as much room. The main thing is is that my books don’t end up getting damaged.

Hard Boiled Sweets

These are for the plane. I can’t stand the popping noise my ears make at take off and landing. It’s a little bit painful and extremely uncomfortable. Plus, I’ll take any excuse to buy some Cherry Drops.


Notebook and Pen

I always try and keep these with me on a plane journey in case I have any blog or Youtube ideas. I tend to like to jot any ideas and bullet points down before typing up any posts or scripts. Not only for that but it’s really cathartic for me to write down how I’m feeling sometimes and any thoughts that I have. Especially if I’m not feeling great, there’s only so much I can do to pick up my mood when I’m a good couple of thousand feet in the air.


I hate keeping my laptop in my luggage because I always get worried if it’s going to get damaged or in case my luggage gets lost. So, it is something that I make sure to keep in my carry on with me. I just feel more comfortable knowing that it’s with me. Especially considering that I have a lot of things on here that I wouldn’t want to lose. It also gives me the chance to edit any vlogging that I’ve done on the way to the airport and edit any posts that are nearly ready to be posted.m

So, those are pretty much all of my travel essentials. I’d love to know what you guys always make sure you have in your carry-on. Let me know in the comments.

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