Why I Love Yoga

I’m not going to lie. I never thought that I would actually write a post like this. Not because I thought yoga was stupid or anything like that. It was just because I never thought it was something that I could really do. There was just something about the prospect of yoga that didn’t seem very me. I’m not extremely flexible and so I didn’t think it was something that I’d ever enjoy doing.

When my mental health took a turn for the worst last November, I really read into the different ways I could get help with my depression. Other than medication and counselling, exercise was the other way that people said their depression seemed to get better. The thing is, my uni hours are a little crazy and it’s a little difficult to fit in. But I also know that I can’t use that as an excuse and when it comes to my mental health. I need to make sure I can fit in anything that could help me.

As much as I thought yoga wasn’t for me, I was always in awe of people in all the different poses. I loved seeing pictures of people practising yoga on Instagram. Eventually, it just got to a point where I thought I may as well give it a try. I had nothing to lose. If I didn’t enjoy it, I could just quit it. Especially since I wasn’t planning on going to a class. I was either going to find some videos on YouTube to follow or I was going to see if I could find an app. yoga mindfulness

I ended up going with an app called Daily Yoga which has been absolutely amazing and is something that I’m still using. It had a beginners programme and for ten days they had around 30 minute yoga sessions where it took you through the basics of yoga. It really helped me to understand some of the basic poses and it started to help me with my flexibility and my balance.

For me, yoga has been such a great way for me to find some inner peace. Whenever I’m in a really bad place, I pray but it’s also really nice to have something else to do as well. I can see the difference that it’s doing in regards to my mental health. Yoga has given me something more positive to focus on when everything feels like it’s going down hill. I’m putting a lot of my energy into something productive that helps me and that makes me feel so much better about my situation.

It’s given me a sense of achievement as well. Don’t get me wrong I do get that feeling from other things in my life but I wasn’t a sporty or active person. So, I’ve never really had a sense of achievement from something like this. It’s such an invigorating feeling though. I honestly do love it and it’s a feeling that I don’t want to let go of.

It’s not just the mental health benefits that’s made me fall in love with yoga so much though. I love how stretched out I feel afterwards. I prone to have my body ache so badly when I’m stressed out. My back kills me and everything just feels like it’s cramped up. Yoga has been amazing to just stretch out all of my body and to help it relax a little bit. My body feels so much lighter afterwards.  My flexibility has always been something that I’ve wanted to improve and I’d love to be able to actually do the splits one day and I feel like my daily yoga routine is slowly but surely helping me get there.

What kind of things do you guys do to keep active? Let me know in the comments.

Much Love,

Saira xo

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