Morning Cleansing Routine

Now that exams are over with, I’m paying a little more attention to my skin again. Admittedly I did let go out of my usually rigorous cleansing routine over exam season. My face is proof of that. However, that cleaning routine is back into place and I thought I’d share with you guys what I do in the morning.

My morning routine starts off with using the Biore Charcoal Anti-Blemish Cleanser. I’m sharing this gel cleanser with Zara at the moment and it’s doing wonders for my skin. It’s leaves my skin feeling so clean and if I was just to use that and nothing else, I wouldn’t have a huge problem with it. It takes away any oil build up that I’ve had during the evening. Especially on my forehead with is prone to getting oily because of my fringe.

superdrug biore cleanser morning routine

I end up using the Braun Facial Cleanser which is apart of the Braun Epilator kit that I bought. It can get a little rough of the skin if I apply a bit too much pressure. However, it’s made my cleansing routine so much easier. My face feels like it getting a proper clean and that the products that I’m using are actually getting the chance to work properly.

After that I tend to use the Ocean Salt Scrub to exfoliate my face. It’s not a product that I’ll use every day, probably every couple of days. It can be quite a harsh exfoliant which I why I don’t use it too frequently but it’s the only exfoliator that I have that I feel actually does the job. It leaves my skin just that little bit brighter and really does get rid of any dead skin and debris.

morning routine lush cleansing cleanse 9 to 5 cream cleanser

Then comes the 9 To 5 Cleanser which has become my holy grail. Oh my gosh! I am in love with this cream cleanser so so much. It’s been such a skincare saviour. It’s the second Lush product that I use in my morning routine and it does absolute wonders for my skin. This cleanser leaves it feel so soft to touch which is exactly what I need after battling against the wind or the sun. It’s just that extra bit of TLC for my skin. The small bottle that I have has seemingly lasted me forever.

One of the last steps in my morning skincare routine is using the Garnier Rose Water toner. To be honest, this toner basically does the job for me. I don’t find it to be anything that’s extraordinary but it’s a good enough toner to use and it definitely wasn’t expensive. To be honest, I just love the smell of it if nothing else. Can’t go wrong with the scent of roses.

the body shop moisturiser face cream vitamin e

And finally we get to the moisturising stage. At the morning the day cream that I’m using is the Body Shop’s Vitamin E Moisture Cream. I’m not going to lie, I’ve used their Vitamin C cream and I much prefer that one. Still though, this one does tend to sooth any kind of irritation that I’ve got on my face. Especially when I start breaking out in stress hives. So, it’s been amazing for that.

I didn’t actually realise my cleansing routine was this long. It definitely doesn’t feel it, I think it’s just because I find it really therapeutic to go through each stage. I’ve left links to all of the products that I use within the post when I’ve been talking about them so feel free to check them out.

I’d also love to know what your go-to products are within your cleansing routine so please let me know in the comments! I’m always on the hunt to try out new things.

Much Love,

Sai xo

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