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american cream

I’m back with a haircare review this time for you guys! I am absolutely in love with Lush’s shampoo bars. They are brilliant! They’re got a really good range of them and they leave my hair feeling so healthy and clean. Since I loved those so much though, I thought it was about time I tried a conditioner from there. I haven’t heard amazing things about the conditioner bars, so I thought I would try out the American Cream conditioner.

So, the American Cream conditioner is meant to be milkshake scented. It contains strawberries to cleanse the hair, orange to help your hair lay flat as well as lavender, honey oil and clary sage oil amongst other things. I’d read some pretty good reviews on this conditioner and it made me really excited to try it. American Cream is meant to leave your hair with a gorgeous gloss and leaving it laying flat, minimising any frizz that your hair might be prone to.

Let’s get down to it. I was not a fan. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like this was a bad conditioner but it certainly didn’t wow me. I didn’t really get much of a scent from it. I could kind of get a milkshake smell when it first came out of the bottle but there was no long lasting smell in my hair like I’ve had with other conditioners. I was expecting a slighter stronger smell that would last a least a day or two.

america cream lush shampoo haircare

In terms of what it did to my hair, I honestly don’t think it did anything special. American Cream wasn’t particularly good at calming any frizz and making my hair lay flat. And it definitely didn’t give my hair a shine really which is what it was meant to do. It’s a perfectly functional conditioner but it isn’t anything special. And it definitely doesn’t last as long as other conditioners do due to the thick consistency.

Overall, this really isn’t going to be a conditioner that I’m going to be re-buying. I don’t think it was worth it and it just didn’t wow me in the way I thought it was going to.

Much Love,

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