social media

Social media. It’s something that the vast majority of people of my generation use. I’ll admit that I’ve got accounts on a few social media sites. Between wanting to have a platform to be able to promote my blog and YouTube to being able to keep in touch with people, social media has proved to be the best way to do all of those things. However, it hasn’t always had the best reputation and I can understand why. Data protection, cyber-bullying… there’s a lot of things that can go wrong by being on social media. But I feel like there’s one things that the older generation love to say about social media: it stops young people from being able to talk to anyone face-to-face because the majority of the time, they’re just talking to someone through a screen. Is social media really killing the art of conversation? 

To be blunt, my answer is no. I really don’t think that it’s stoping people from learning how to interact with other. Far from it, really. Don’t get me wrong, I think overusing these sites can lead to people becoming anti-social and maybe withdrawing a little bit more from the people around them but I don’t think that’s always the case. If anything, I think social media has actually helped my conversational skills.

I have friends dotted around the UK and let’s be honest here, it would be difficult to keep up with them if it wasn’t for Facebook. Instant messaging has been a saviour for me when it comes to just being able to check in on people and having a quick catch up with them when we aren’t in the same city. And I’m extremely thankful for that. I’ll always appreciate a good handwritten letter but we all know that instant messaging is… well… instant.

social media

When social media is used right, I think people start learning about social interaction more. I know that there will always be people who abuse but I also think it’s a way that people are able to get out their shells a little bit more. They’re able to make connections with people that they may have struggled to do in real life.

The reason I’ve managed to maintain the friendships that I have is through social media. I far from think that it’s caused a slow death in the art of conversation. I feel like more people are able to use their voices because of it. So, when they are faced in a situation where they do need to talk to someone face to face they feel a bit more confident.

I honestly feel that social media creates so many more conversations. Sure, they may not always be in the traditional sense of actually talking to someone. But a conversation is a conversation regardless of the format that it’s in. I feel like more people are now able to get involved with topics and learn about them from other people. And you get those opinions from a whole range of people at that.

So, I definitely don’t think that social media has killed the art of conversation.

Let me know what side of the argument you guys sit on in the comments. I’d love to know!

Much Love,

Sai xo