full time blogging

Blogging is a massive part of my life and it has been since I started. It’s given me so much more confidence and freedom. It’s through blogging that I continue to learn so many different things. There are days when I’m sat in uni lectures wishing that I could be home instead and working on blog posts. Especially when it’s a sunny day and the lighting is perfect for a blog photo. In my head, I’ve considered getting to a stage one day where I would be able to blog full time and where I would potentially be able to depend on my blog for an income. But I’ve come to conclusion that I don’t think full time blogging is for me.

I haven’t got a single thing against people who blog or do YouTube full time. I think it’s amazing that they can do it and it’s just as stressful as any other job. It’s not an “easier” option at all. The more and more I thought about someday being able to blog full time, the more and more I realised that I didn’t think it would be something that was really suited to me for a few reasons.

My passions lie in too many places for me to solely focus on one thing. I know some people might not see that as a good thing but it’s the way I’ve always been. I love maths, and I mean¬†I really love maths, and that’s made me fall in love with my degree so much more. Engineering is everything I could have wish it to be and a lot more. At this present moment in time, I couldn’t see myself not doing something that’s related to my degree.

I know that as I grow up and progress in my degree, and hopefully my career, that that may change. But right now I like having the best of both worlds. I get to have two things that I absolutely love doing in my life and I think I’m pretty lucky to have that. To be honest, I don’t feel like I really have a reason to give one of them up so I don’t see why I should.

When I started blogging four year ago, I used it as an outlet. And I still do. It’s what I turn to when I need more creativity in my life. My degree is very much based on numbers and hard fact. It can be creative in some aspects when we need to design something but even then, we’re making sure that it fits in with a brief that’s already set out to us. We don’t get a lot of free reign and I’m okay with that because it’s what I signed up for. However, just because my degree isn’t that creative doesn’t mean that I’m not.

I’ve always had a love for creativity and whilst I dreaded every single art lesson I had growing up, I loved my English lessons when I could create my own world and my music lessons were my favourites classes to go to. When I started my A Levels, I knew that I didn’t pick subjects that people would really call creative but I always knew that I had my blog to fall back on in that aspect. I have my own little place online where I have free reign over what I create and that’s such an amazing feeling.

As much as I love being able to work with equations all day, finding out how and why theories work and going to my labs, I like knowing that I can come home after all that and actually create something entirely out of nothing. What worries me about full time blogging is that it won’t be a hobby anymore and I might lose my love for it. The way I blog now gives me freedom in how I post and even thought I try and stick to a schedule of posting twice a week, I know that I can take a step back from my blog for a while if I’m just not feeling it. I’m kind of worried that that freedom will be taken away if I start blogging full time.

There are days where I do find blogging stressful. When I can get my photos the way I want them to look, the lighting isn’t right for anything or none of my words seem to want to make sense. I try my best to keep a tab on how everything if going in all areas of my blog but I can’t imagine how much more stressed out I would be and how much more regularly it would happen if I were to start blogging full time.

My reason for not want to blog full time is very far from the thought that I don’t love blogging. I just love the balance I currently have between blogging and everything else that’s going on in my life. It’s not a balance that I want to change anytime soon.

Let me know if you guys blog full time or whether you would consider doing it. I’d love to know some more people’s opinions on this.

Much Love,

Sai xo