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This topic is something that has bugged me since I was around 15. Skinny shaming. It’s irked me for so long. I get so angry and upset about it and it was something that I really wanted to share with you guys.

I’ve always had a small figure, ever since I was a kid. I’ve never had much weight on me and I know that my BMI isn’t really healthy. But it’s not something that I do on purpose. I’ve never tried to keep my weight down. Ask any of my family of friends and they can vouch for the amount that I eat. I love food and I’ll admit to the fact that I probably don’t do enough exercise. I’ve just never been able to put on a substantial amount of weight.

I am completely all for body positivity. Your shape and size should not matter in the slightest and I feel like a lot more designers and companies need to understand that. The conversation around body sizes is changing in a positive direction but as always, there is work to be done. Fat shaming are words that I heard a lot when I was growing up as more and more people became vocal about it. And rightly so. However, growing up, I’ve dealt with skinny shaming on more than one occasion.

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I’m made to feel guilty about my weight around people who aren’t the same size as me. They make these off comments and call me names just because I struggle to put on weight. It made me so uncomfortable about my weight for such a long time. The way people talk about “skinny” people in the media and make it sound like we hate anyone who isn’t the same size as us. How we’ve been called anorexic and bulimic because of our size when those are words that should not be thrown around like that.

I joke with my parents and sister about my weight because I know that’s what it is. A joke. But there have been other people in my family and people who have been a part of my friendship groups in the past that have made so many comments about my weight. It honestly makes me feel so uncomfortable in my skin. My weight has always been something that I’ve struggled and it’s been mainly down to comments like that. Extended family always telling me that I’m skin and bones and that there’s nothing to me. The constant digs about people my size in the media that are meant to makes us feel bad because apparently it’s out fault that society won’t accept all body types.

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You don’t have to put someone down just to make someone else feel better. I don’t understand how people can’t seem to grasp that concept. Body positivity is a movement that includes all body types. You can’t pick and choose the ones that you want to include but a lot of people seem to go to either extreme instead of finding a balance. And it really isn’t that hard. Just accept people regardless of the way they look. We aren’t solving the problem by shifting the issue to another body type. It doesn’t make anything better.

So, that’s my small rant over but I think it was a really important topic for me to talk about with you guys.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this so let me know in the comments.

Much Love,
Sai xo

All photo credit in this post goes to my incredible big sister, Zara, make sure you check out her blog!