I have been so excited to write this post since I got back from Edinburgh. Zara and I spent three days away in Edinburgh from the 9th of April until the 11th and it was such an amazing trip! I’ve never been to Scotland before, let alone Edinburgh and I had heard so many amazing things about the city. After scrolling through tags on Instagram, I had already fallen in love with the city before going there. Nothing would have prepared me for the actual city though. So, our trip started on a Monday morning at ten to four. And I was not a happy bunny. Our flight was leaving at seven but we were leaving at half four to get to the airport at half five. I was so excited on the way there though that I wasn’t really feeling that tired. The only issue that we had is that hotel check in wasn’t until three in the afternoon and we arrived at the hotel before nine. edinburgh muffin pastries coffee mocha blueberries bagel breakfast
After dropping our bags off and going for a stroll around the area, we grabbed a bit of breakfast and then headed to the Surgeons’ Hall: one of the two museums we wanted to visit on our trip. I don’t have any photos from the museum since they don’t allow photos. There are actual human remains that have been preserved in there so they do it out of respect which I completely understand. But oh my gosh. The museum was incredible. I’m not going to lie, I did feel like my legs were going in certain sections and there were times where I felt a little nauseous. But on the whole, it was an absolutely fascinating experience. The museum is split into three different sections that are: The Wohl Museum of Pathology, The History of Surgery Museum and The Dental Collection.  Neither of us were that interested in the dentistry section so we didn’t spend too much time there. The pathology section did take us a little while to get through but it was so interesting. This was also the part of the museum that did make me feel a little queasy. There are jars of human organs that line the walls that had all kinds of diseases and deformities. It was so interested to see how different cancers and conditions affected different organs. The favourite part of the museum for me had to be The History of Surgery. Being a Medical Engineer, I’m automatically drawn to any kind of medical equipment. I absolutely loved seeing how surgical devices have advanced over the years. They had the actual equipment behind screens which was incredible. the fennel edinburgh 2018 trip edinburgh castle grassmarket the vennel edinburgh We spent around two and half, maybe three hours, in that museum and it was completely worth it. I was so glad we went there, even if I did have to basically run through some of the exhibits. After we grabbed a late lunch, we ended up wandering up to Princes Street to have a look around some of the shops. We just wanted a more chilled out afternoon. Even though it wasn’t a completely packed day, I was absolutely shattered after all of the travelling. I was more than happy to get back to the hotel and get some sleep ready for the next day. The rest of my Edinburgh trip is going to be posted on Wednesday so make sure to keep your eyes out for that! Much Love, Sai xo