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We’re on the last day of February and that’s given two months to try out my new planner that I bought for this year. I thought it was about time that I shared a little tour of it with you guys and show you what it’s like.

I ended up buying the Trigg Life Mapper from Etsy when I was looking for a new planner to buy. The planner retails for around £18. I know some people might find expensive but if there’s one thing that I do invest in, it’s a planner. I was really interested in the layout of this planner as well and was hoping that it was going to help out a lot pot aspects in my life. So, I took the plunge and bought it.

This planner has been absolutely amazing to me. I’ve loved it since the day that it’s arrived! The Trigg Life Mapper has managed to help me keep my life together in an easier way. It let’s me prioritise the things that I need to get done in a day. So, here’s a look at the planner.

I love the quote that you open up the planner to. It’s the perfect thing for me to look at in the morning when I’m planning out my day. After that is a small personal declaration page. It’s meant to act a a short, personal manifesto for the year ahead. To be honest, it’s something that’s let me narrow my focus on what I want from myself this year. My personal manifesto reads:

“I will put my wellbeing above all else. I will push myself to achieve all of my goals. I will no longer put off tasks that can be done straight away.”  

You’ve then got an overview of 2018 with a theme for each month. In all honesty, I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to these two pages but I guess they can be useful if you want to quickly jot an important date down. They’ve also got 2018 at a glance which is a really nice, little overview of the year. The next couple of pages are dedicated to how you use the Trigg Life Mapper. It’s been really handy for me and also help you have small ideas as to what to write down for each section.

Some of my favourite pagesin this planner come up next. “The Big Picture” gives you the chance to reflect on yourself and think about where you want to see yourself in a couple of years. This doesn’t tend to be something that I think about a lot but the planner really makes you think about it and work towards where you do want to see yourself. The annual forecast is split into four different sections of Self, Relationships, Passions and Work. For each section, you plan out a few goals that you want to achieve over the next twelve months. Later on in the planner there’s a six month check up that helps you see what progress you’ve made towards those goals.

Before the beginning of each week is a page called “Priority Planning” which gives you a chance to make goals for that week related to four different sections. It’s actually been a really good way for me to focus on specific, small things and making sure that I actually get those things done.

Each day then has a “Daily Quad” that’s meant to help you prioritise the tasks that you need to do in that day. Anything that urgent to anything that can be delegated to someone else. At the end of each week you have a weekly reflection where the planner will ask you a question for you to take a look at thethings that you’ve achieved and the things that you can improve on for the week ahead.

This planner has been a lifesaver for me over the past two months. It’s shifted the way I think about my assignments and notes for uni and any other bits that I need to dol. I honestly think that this planner was worth the investment and I’m really looking forward to carry on using it.

You can buy it from Not On The High Street for £17.99

Much Love,

Sai xo

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