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Disney movies are amongst some of my favourites. Lately, I’ve been missing Disneyland Paris and have been dying to go there again. So, I thought I’d share my top tend Disney films with you guys.

1. Lilo and Stitch

This is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE Disney film, without a shadow of a doubt. There are so many things that I love about Lilo and Stitch. Other than the fact that Nani and Lilo’s relationship reminds me a lot of mine and my sister’s, I also think that I have a lot of Stitch in me. The entire film makes my heart hurt so much and I just go through a whole load of emotions. It’s impossible for me not to love the soundtrack for this movie and Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride is one song that always manages to pick up my mood. I just can’t cope with the amount of adorable that’s in this film and I’m yet to have enough Lilo and Stitch related merchandise.

2. Princess and the Frog

I fell in love with this movie the minute I started watching it. A black Disney princess, a strong story line and amazon songs. There was so much to love about this film. Tiana was never meant to be a traditional Disney princess, she worked hard for the one thing that she wanted in life but realised a long the way that you also need love and family. I really think that it taught lessons that all kids should learn. And let’s be honest, who couldn’t love Ray?

3. Aladdin

One of the biggest reasons that I’ve always loved Aladdin is because it’s the one Disney movie that I feel included in. Whilst the film may not be based in South Asia, seeing a brown princess was something that made me feel like it was okay to be the colour I am. To be able to dress up as Jasmine and feel like I fitted in with the looks of this princess was great. Aside from that though, who doesn’t love the Genie? He’s one of the best character’s that Disney has to offer! Friend Like Me is definitely one of my favourite Disney songs and I love all the animation that goes along with it.

4. Hercules

This feels like such an underrated Disney movie and I can’t understand why! Hercules is such an amazing film and it’s one that I could never get tired of. I love Greek mythology and I love the way they laid out this entire film. From the music to the animation of it all! Baby Pegasus and Hercules will always have my heart, they’re some of the best scenes to watch in the film. Gospel Truth is such a good song to listen to as well. I don’t watch it half as much as I want to, so I think a rewatch is in order pretty soon.

5. Beauty and the Beast (Live Action)

Don’t get my wrong, I am a massive fan of the original, animated version of Beauty and the Beast. However, I fell in love all over again when I went to watch the live action version. I just thought it was so beautifully put together, all the little bits of animation that they had to add to it, the way they made the Beast look. It just felt completely magical. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire way through the film when I went to watch it in the cinema.

6. The Lion King

This was such a staple film in my childhood. It was one of the Disney films I remember being on quite frequently. Honestly, I just love how dramatic this entire film is. I don’t ever get tired of watching it. Timon and Pumba are the highlight of this film for me. They’re such a great duo and bring a great comedic aspect to the film. I’m really interested to see the live action version of this film!

7. Mary Poppins

There’s something about Mary Poppins that puts me in such a happy place. I love how it’s part live action and part animation. I love the fun of it all! As I grew up, I started to love watching how the family slowly grow closer together and their parents start to realise that it’s important to have a relationship with their kids. I think we’d all love to have a Mary Poppins in our lives.

8. The Princess Diaries

Mia had the ultimate glow up in this film! Oh my gosh, this film is amazing. I love how awkward Mia is the entire way through the film until she starts to grow a little bit of confidence. Even when she has a complete makeover, she still doesn’t feel completely confident within herself until she starts to have some self belief. There isn’t a single scene that I can single out in this film that I could say is my favourite because there are so many parts of it that are amazing. I’m still holding out to there being a third film in the series.

9. Bedknobs and Broomsticks

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched this film but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love it. To be completely honest, I don’t exactly know what it was in particular that I made me fall in love with this film but it’s always one that sticks in my head. I do love the fact that there’s a flying bed that can take them to different places. It’s just one of those films that always reminds me of watching it when I was in school on a rainy day,

10. Treasure Island

The very last film on this list is probably what is one of the most under appreciated Disney films ever and I cannot even fathom why. Treasure Planet is amazing! It’s just such a well crafted film that I need to watch more and I need to get more people to watch. Whilst it may not be the traditional Disney fairytale, it’s still one of the best Disney movies out there in my opinion. If you haven’t had a chance to watch, please go and do so. You won’t be disappointed.

I’d love to know what your favourite films are so let me know in the comments!

Much love, Sai xo

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  1. Pallav Adhikari May 9, 2018 / 5:41 pm

    A list full of Disney odd balls(at least half of it). I was actually hoping for Pinocchio. Nothing tops Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast(not a Disney movie).

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