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Lately, I’ve been listening to podcasts a lot more. Instead of music, some days I’ll listen to a podcast on the way to uni or when I’m doing work. It’s just a nice change of feeling like someone is talking to me instead of having music on in the background. There have been a couple that I’ve been listening to lately so I thought I would share the podcasts that I’m loving at the moment.


podcast views david debris jason nash views spotify samsung a5 2017 flatlay

I love David Dobirk and I always make sure I watch his vlogs, however, I was a little late on jumping on the bandwagon with his podcast. Views is presented by both David Dobrik and Jason Nash an it’s one of the finniest things that I’ve listened to! It’s take me a little while but I’m finally vaughn up on it all. They do forty minute episodes every week and just talk about things that are currently in the news, expand on things that happen in their vlogs and any other random topics that they want to bring up.I’ve managed to burst out laughing in the middle of a bus journey from this. It’s been perfect in making long hours of work seem a little bit better.


lore legend myth fairytale podcasts podcast mythical spotify

This is a podcast that Zara initially got me into. It’s like a 20 minute story time for me and I love it. Lore basically goes into how a lot of fairy tale creatures first came from. The podcast tells us about the origins of werewolves, vampires and a lot of other things. I’m so intrigued by it all! It’s amazing to hear where all of these stories originated from.


psychobabble tyler oakley koret kuhl podcast podcasts

Hosted by Tyler Oakley and Korey Khul, this podcast is so easy to listen to. Tyler Oakley has been one of my favourite YouTubers for a long time. I love hearing about things that they’ve both been up to when they were in uni and all the different things that they want to discuss. It’s not intense and feels so laidback, it really helps me to unwind.

Happy Mum, Happy Baby

Now I’m not a mother but watch watching Giovanna Fletcher mention this podcast on her YouTube channel, I was intrigued and just had to have a listen to it. Even though I may not be bale to relate to it in the way that mum’s can, I still love the podcast. I love hearing about people’s experiences with motherhood and the stories about their kids. It’s another really laid back and chill podcast to listen to. Mother or not, I think this is a podcast that most people would enjoy.

So, those are all of the podcast that I’m really loving at the moment. Let me know which ones you guys are listening to because I’m always on the hunt to add more to my list!

Much love,

Sai xo

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