I’m not one who tends to care about New Year resolutions and I’ve always blogged for fun. However, my blog is something that I keep ploughing more and more time into and for that reason, I’ve decided to I want to have some blogging goals this year. These are completely personal blogging goals. I know for some people they might seem really small and for others they might seem huge but I’m just looking at where my blog is at the moment and where I would like to see it go. Everyone’s blog is different and everyone wants different things from their blog, so goals are going to be unique to each individual. I just thought it would be nice to have a record of the goals that I want to achieve with A Cup of Sai this year so I can look back towards the end of the year and see if I had managed any of them.

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My blogging statistics are something that I do love keeping at track of. Whilst I don’t blog solely to see numbers increase, it is a lovely feeling when you’ve had a really good month of blog views and can see your followers going up across all of your social media accounts. It feel like it’s a way of people showing that they like the content I’m creating and that is one of the things that pushes me in creating more content. Across all of my social media, I would love to hit 2000 followers. At the moment, I’m just under 1000. I’m hoping that with some more content across all of my social media, I might see a spike in that number. Instagram is one that I would love to see flourish a little more this year but the world of social media followers is so up and down so we’ll see what happens with that one. As nice as it would be, it’s not my main goal for the year since it’s really not something that I’m able to control.


I know some people don’t have a blogging schedule at all. They blog whenever they feel like it. Or they’re schedule is a little more loose. However, I like having a schedule that I can follow. It gives me the chance to know what I’m going to be posting, know which days I’ll be posting it and plan out posts ahead of time. The latter comes in useful a lot when university and just general life starts to get busy. However, I’m not always the best at keep at my schedule. I want to try and be more strict with myself when it comes to the days I’m posting and planning out those posts. I want to make sure that I have enough posts to last me through the periods of time that are a little stressful and busy. I always start off really well with this and then a month of two after, I find myself drifting away from my schedule. So, I’m hoping that it won’t happen this time and I managed to stick to or as close as possible for the whole year.


I need to start making more content that I enjoy writing. Even if it might not be the sort of stuff that other people want to read. As long as it’s content that I love creating then that’s what I want to matter the most to me. I feel like there have been times that I’ve posted a product review that I may not necessarily want to write but I post it because I feel like it’s something that most people like reading and it’s something that tends to get views. That content is never something that I’m all too proud of though and personally, I don’t think it’s some of my best work. I want to keep creating content that I love, that I want to write and that I’m proud of creating. Even if it might not be the content that people expect me to make or something that has a mass appeal.


I want 2018 to be the year I really get to grips with the photography for my blog. I want to make a much bigger effort for all of the pictures that I take for my posts, not just one or two. I’m hoping that I’m going to see a massive improvement in the quality of my photos, the way I take them and the editing of them. It’s something I’m planning on paying a little more attention to this year but we’ll see how this one goes.


I’m really going to strive to support a lot more bloggers in 2018. I may not have as big a platform on social media as some of the other bloggers but I still think it’s really important. I want to make more of an effort in commenting on people’s blog posts, retweeting any post promos and engaging more on Twitter and Instagram. I read so many amazing posts but I never say anything to the people writing them and it’s really something I want to do more of because I know that it can make a huge difference.

So, those are my main five blogging goals for this year! I don’t think that they’re unachievable and I don’t think I’m going to burn myself out in trying to get to them. I want to be happier with my blog and I feel as those these things will help me get there. I would love to know what your blogging goals are for the year, if you have any. Let me know in the comments!