On our third night and last night at Disneyland Paris, Zara and I decided to to make a reservation at the Yacht Club situated in Disney’s Newport Bay Club Hotel. We made a booking for eight o’clock and got the shuttle from the park into the hotel.


As soon as we walked into the Yacht Club, the atmosphere was quite calm. Even though there were families with young kids there, it wasn’t as though they were running around or screaming. That put me in a really good mood for the rest of the evening. After a full day in the park, I didn’t really want to deal with kids screaming and crying at that very moment. We got given a table that was right next to their ceiling to floor windows which looked out at the body of water in the hotel grounds. It was such a gorgeous view to overlook whilst eating.


There isn’t a single complaint that I could have about the service at all. Our waiter was one of the most helpful people that I’ve met. He wasn’t at all overbearing but made sure we had everything we need. I love waiters that are able to have a joke with you and he did exactly that. Honestly, I felt so relaxed and welcome thanks to him.


yacht club disneyland paris dlp tempura battered cod yacht club dessert chocolate fondant poached pear

So, now for the main part of this review. I ended up picking from their set menu which was €46.99 excluding drink. My starter consisted of a vegetable soup which was gorgeous. I’m not entirely sure what they put in their soup but whatever it is works so well together. Normally, I’m not someone who can complete a full bowl of soup but it was gone pretty quickly.

For my main course I picked tempura battered cod with chips. Since this was a primarily seafood based restaurant, I didn’t want to order something that wasn’t seafood. The chunk of cod that I was given was more than enough and it tasted amazing. As far as main courses go, this was one that I throughly enjoyed.

Dessert is always my favourite part of any dinner. I’ve always had a sweet tooth. When I saw that there was a chocolate fondant with a poached pear on the menu. It looked gorgeous as it came out on the plate. I wasn’t a huge fan of the poached pear but I’ve never been a fan of them. So, that wasn’t a surprise. The chocolate fondant was so rich and gooey. It was an absolute dream to eat.

Would I recommend going to the Yacht Club? 100%. It was such a lovely, relaxed evening made better by the food and service. There wasn’t anything else I could ask for.

Where are your favourite places to dine at in Disney?


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