croeso lounge review swansea breakfast brunch So my Aunt came down from Bristol a little while ago. Since we wouldn’t be able to see her on her birthday, my sister and I decided to go out to breakfast with her and we ended up picking the Croeso Lounge. It was somewhere that none of us had been to yet so we thought it would be nice to try it out. cores lounge review swansea south wales breakfast The Croeso Lounge is part of the Lounges company restaurants around the UK. This one is the second one to open in Swansea. It’s based up in Mumbles in Oyster Wharf. We’ve been to the other Lounge restaurant in Swansea which is the Zinco Lounge and we love it there so we had high hopes for this. The view from the Croeso Lounge is amazing. We headed upstairs to sit since the bottom floor was a little crowed and we wanted to be somewhere where it was a little more calm. The have massive windows that overlook the sea and it was gorgeous. The sea has always been a calming scene for me so it was something I loved being able to see. I’m always a fan of the way that Loungers set out their restaurants and this one was no different. It always feel quite cosy and welcoming. croeso lounge review swansea mumbles beach sea brunch hot chocolate cores lounge review breakfast brunch swansea south wales For my meal I ended up picking the Vegetarian Breakfast and a hot chocolate. The breakfast came with toast, a fried egg, a grilled tomato, beans, hashbrowns, mushrooms and fritters with some peppers and spinach. The portion size was really good. There was a lot on the plate but it didn’t feel like there was too much. Service was really prompt even though it was quite busy for a Sunday morning. It was a really good, hearty breakfast that kept me full for a while. You can never go wrong with hot chocolate. Since it was a slightly dreary morning, it was the perfect thing to warm me up. Even though it would take me a little bit to get down to the Croeso Lounge, I think it’s worth it for the atmosphere in the restaurant and the view. Definitely somewhere I would recommend if you find yourself in Swansea.

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