Media kits. They’re something that I kept reading about on Twitter when I first started up this blog but I had no clue what they were. The more I saw about them, the more I started to look into it. After reading a few blog posts on them, I realised that it was something that I wanted to create for my blog.

creating a media kit canva blog blogging blogger media kitWhat is a media kit?

For a blogger, a media kit is often used when you want to contact companies so that you can work with them or if they contact you and want to know more about your blog. Essentially, it should have all the key information about your blog that they may want to know. It’s a much quicker and visually appealing way for companies to read that information. When I first read about them, I didn’t think I really needed one. My blog following and DA is still rather small and I don’t think I’m quite ready to contact any companies. However, I did think it was worth setting out my template so when I was ready, I didn’t have to create a media kit first.

What is included in a media kit?

I had a look around a lot before I figured out what I wanted to include in my media kit. Everyone’s is different and you don’t have to have the exact same things as everyone else. I figured out which aspects of my blog I wanted to highlight the most. Here are the things that I decided to include:

  • About my blog
  • About me
  • Social media handles and stats
  • Average monthly blog stats
  • Sample photography

If and when I start working with companies, I’m going to add the ones that I’ve already worked with as well. One of the main things that I tried to figure out was how to fit all of that information onto one page. The majority of the media kits I had seen were only a page long. However, when I was doing some research into them, I found one that were sometimes four pages long. In the end, I decided that there was no way I could fit everything onto one page, so my media kit is currently three pages long. I didn’t want everything to be squashed onto one page. I liked having the room to shift things around the way I wanted to. So, don’t be afraid to extend your media kit over one page.

creating a media kit

Where do you create a media kit?

I’m not the most tech savvy person in the world and I’m most definitely not a graphic designer. I wanted to be able to create my media kit somewhere where it would be pretty straightforward and where it would be easy for me to edit. I decided to use Canva for my media kit. They have a huge range of fonts. banners and stock image alongside other things for you to use. It’s free site to use and you can upgrade if you want to. I found that my media was really easy to download and since I had more than one page, it was downloaded as a PDF which was perfect for me.

So, that how I created my media kit. There’s no correct or incorrect way of creating one but I thought it’d be nice to share how I did it. I’d love to know how you guys created your or if you even have one!

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