So, here are the last two days of Disneyland Paris!

Day Three

dip disneyland paris 2017 september walt disney studios france tavel We spent this day in Walt Disney Studios. To be honest, it was my favourite park out of the two. A lot of my favourite rides ended up in this park and I just loved the feel of it. It felt that little bit more vintage and the park was a little calmer to walk around as Dawell. The first ride we went to was Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith. It ended up being my favourite ride of the entire trip. I’m not going to lie, I was extremely nervous before going on after reading all the warning signs. As soon as the ride started, though, I fell in love with it and I didn’t want it to end. I loved the roller coaster so much I ended up buying the pin of it later on in the day.
We got our fast pass tickets for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror since we knew that it was something that would get busier as they day went on. Whilst we waited for that, we went over to Armageddon which was a special effects show. To be truthful, I wasn’t a huge fan. It was really crowded in the room and just wasn’t something I enjoyed. Before heading over to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror we also picked up our fast pass tickets for Ratatouille. I’m really glad that we got them when we did since the fast past wasn’t until half past six that evening. The Tower of Terror was such an amazing ride. I knew what the premise of it was but I was still in shock the entire way through the ride. I couldn’t believe that we were going so quickly that my bag had started to lift up off of the ground. Zara and I both ended up getting the photo from that ride since our faces were an absolute treat! After grabbing some lunch from the Front Lot, we went over and had a 75 minute wait for Crush’s Coaster. The wait was completely worth it! I had not been expecting what happened on the ride at all! It was crazy! The entire roller coaster was so well put together! We went for something a little bit more chilled out after that. The Studio Tram Tour was a really lovely experience. I really appreciated seeing the way they do some of the special effects in the movie. To be honest, after standing in the queue for Crush’s Coaster for that long, it was nice to be able to sit for a little while. dip disneyland paris 2017 septembre We were meant to go onto the RC Racer after that but I wasn’t feeling all too well so we decided to take a miss on that one and make sure we go on it next time we go. We had a wander around a few of the shops and then headed over to the Ratatouille experience. Oh my gosh! I had heard people rave about this. It was only until I had gotten on that I understood why! I felt like I was the size of a rat through the entire experience. it was completely realistic. After that, it was time for our dinner reservation in the Yacht Club which is located in the Newport Bay Club hotel. I will be doing a full review of the restaurant in another post but it was such a lovely place to have dinner. We wanted to do one nice meal out somewhere whilst we were in Disney and I genuinely don’t think we could have picked a better place.

Day Four

mickey dll disneyland paris Day four was a little bit of a mess. We were going to try and do some of the rides that we loved. In the end, that didn’t end up happening. We decided to finish off all of the little bits of shopping that we hadn’t done yet and just have a walk around the parks. After a lunch a Planet Hollywood, we headed back to the hotel and got ready to go home. The trip to Disneyland Paris was such a magical experience. It was everything that I could have asked for and more! I can’t wait to plan another trip to Disneyland!    

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