Monday marked 19 years of me being on Earth and it was such a brilliant day. My birthday always gives me a chance to reflect on what I’ve done over the past year and what I want to do in the next. All the dreams and hopes that i have, How I want to make the next year I have around to be one of the best ones possible. It’s always a time that I get to spend with my family and relax. So, here’s what I got up to.

The Morning

I always open my presents from my parents and my sister in the morning. So, even though I didn’t really have to wake up early, my sister and mam had to head into work by half eight and I was awake anyway. So after a full english breakfast, I sat down to open my cards and presents from them. I knew what my parents had gotten me since I had asked them for something specific. I was dying to get a Canon Legria Cam-corder and was so excited to open it up! It’s gorgeous and I’m so excited to start using it My sister’s present took a while for me to unwrap. After opening at least six layers of wrapping paper I was face with an envelope, The card had a scratch and reveal at the front of it for me to find out what my present was, I screamed as soon as it said that I was going to see Hamilton in West End. I’m such a massive Hamilton fan and I go on about the musical non-stop (see what I did there). So, it’s a dream come true to be able to go and see it on stage.

Dinner With My Family

wahaca cardiff street food mexican wahaca mexican food street food enchilada tostada tacosThe day was a little more quiet than the morning. My mam and sister were in work, although my sister did come back early to spend time with me. Dad was pottering around the house as well. In the end, I spent some time talking to a couple of my friends and watching a few films. Once my mam had come home we headed into Cardiff for my meal at Wahaca. I love this place so much. It has such a relaxed atmosphere and the food was lush. It was the perfect evening. After we came home, I got to blow out my candles on the most amazing salted caramel cake! 19 feels like such a weird age to me. It’s my last year of being a teenager, the year that I start university and it all seems a little crazy. I’m looking forward to whatever this year brings to me though. 18 was a brilliant year and it bought me so many things that I’ll look back on and cherish. Here’s to my 19th year bringing me just as much happiness.

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