;esh swansea oxford street opening party After being open for 10 years, Lush Swansea revealed on their birthday that they would be moving from Whitewalls to Oxford Street so that they could have a bigger shop. I couldn’t have been more excited. The old shop was tiny and it meant that we had limited room to move and limited products in. I was incredibly lucky to have been invited to the Lush Swansea Opening Party on August 3rd, the night before they officially opened, to preview the new shop and all the new products that they had it.
The moment you stepped in the shop, you could tell there was a completely different vibe to it and it was amazing. The layout of the shop was completely different. The front of the shop now houses a demonstration area as soon as you walk in which we got to see in use later on in the night. The massive windows and glass doors let in so much natural light into the shop that it feels a little more homely as well. Whilst the front half of the store can get a little more busy with demonstrations, the back of the shop is home to all of their skincare range. The shop has been designed in a way to make it a little more calm and quiet. Lush Swansea Bath Bombs Oxford Street Heading to the back of the store first, you could tell how calm it was as soon as you got there. I was keen to find out what they’re jelly face masks were like and thankfully there was someone on hand to let us try them on our hands. I was really surprised to find out that there are only a few stores that are going to be holding the jelly face masks and jelly bath bombs. So, I’m really glad that Lush Swansea has them. Whilst my sister tried out Birth of Venus and Just to Clarify, I ended up trying out Birth of Venus and Bunny MoonBoth felt absolutely amazing on my skin and left it feeling so soft. The lovely lady that was helping us out gave us a lot of information on the masks which I loved. lush swansea jelly face mask natural lush swansea fresh face masks We then got called over to the front of the story where another lovely lady was going to give us a demo of the jelly bath bombs. This was one thing I was so excited to see! The Dark Arts and Green Coconut were the two that we were shown and they look amazing. I’m super excited to use the one I bought. jelly bath bombs lush green coconut dark arts harry potter jelly bath bomb lush swansea dark arts harry potter dark arts jelly bath bomb lush swansea We then had the chance to make our own Intergalactic bath bomb which happens to be one of my favourites. And the best part was that we were allow to take them home. After having another look around a filling up a basket with a few bits that I had been taking a look at over the evening, it was time to go home. I didn’t want to leave, the shop looked gorgeous and I could have stayed for hours!  To wrap up the evening, we were given the option to swap the lanyards we’d received when we had entered for a knot wrap goody bag and I couldn’t have said no to that! It was such an amazing evening! A massive thank you to Lush Swansea for inviting me and good luck! The new shop looks set to be a massive success and I can’t wait to come again. Follow my blog with Bloglovin