blog planner school secrets friends I’ve always been a little secretive about my blog. It’s not really something I’ve shared with my extended family or friends. I love the blogging world and nearly everything about it. I’ve never been ashamed of what I do and I don’t have anything to hide. However, there have been two main reasons as to why I’ve kept it so quiet.

1. I’m a private person

As much as I can be a sociable person when I need to be, there are still certain things in my life that I keep private. Only people who I’m extremely close to know about specific things as long as I know that I can trust them. My blog has always been a place where I can express myself. I feel like there are parts of me on here that some of the people I know haven’t really been exposed to. It’s quite a scary thing to let other people see. I don’t think I was ready for that to happen when I first entered the blogging world.

2. I was self concious

Through school, other kids had the tendency to make fun of me. I didn’t fit in well with everyone else since I didn’t always like the things that they did. Blogging isn’t something that many people that I know do. I was constantly worried that if people found out about it, it would lead to them making fun of me. That definitely wasn’t something that I was ready to face. My blog was and still is my safe place. I didn’t want anyone ruining that for me.

3. Growing Confidence

What I’ve realised over the past couple of weeks is that that I’ve put way too time and effort into my blog to hide it. I’m in love with my blog and am so proud of it. I’m not going to hide it any more. So, I’ve become more open with the people I know about it. If they do want to laugh about it I really couldn’t care less.  It’s not going to stop me from doing what I love So, I’m ready for whatever comes my way because I’m not hiding this blog any more.

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