TV Series I Haven’t Finished Yet

Netflix is a trove of series’ however, school and exams put some of the ones that I was watching to a halt whilst I was getting through them. Now that Summer has started, alongside other plans that I’ve made, I’d like to get through a few more of the series’ that I have on the go. 

1) Orphan Black
I started this one on my sister’s recommendation and it’s probably one of my favourite ones to watch. It’s a drama centred around clones and the ethical problems behind it. I know they’re adding new episodes from the latest season every week, so this is one that I am dying to catch up on and make sure that I’m up to date with.


2) Suits
My love for this series has grown as I’ve continued to watch the seasons. It’s been one of those type of programs that where I’ve constantly been on the edge of my seat, wondering what’s going to happen to Mike Ross, who’s going to win the latest court case and where all the relationships are going to go, I’ve only got another season to get through of this on Netflix, so hopefully it won’t take me all too long.


3) Once Upon A Time
I’ll be honest here, I’ve barely started this series. I started watching it with my sister in the middle of last year and she wasn’t a massive fan of it but I loved it so I decided to watch it by myself. I’m only around three/four episodes into the entire series though so I know that this one has a lot that I need to get through but I’m so excited!


4) The Reign
I love a good historical drama and I’ve been hooked on The Reign ever since I’ve started it. Between learning about the story of Mary Queen of Scots and falling in love with the gowns that all of the girls wear, I’ve loved getting back into this series!


What shows are you guys watching on Netflix at the moment? Let me know in the comments!


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