Hi, guys! So, I’ve made a 101 in 1001 list and the whole point in it is that you give yourself 101 this to do in 1001 days. The 1001 days is meant to help to plan some of the bigger things on your list whilst also giving you a time frame to get these things done. I loved the idea since a bucket list didn’t really give me a time frame and I knew that there would be things on there that I would keep putting off for no real reason.

Italics – Task in progress
Strikethrough – Task completed
Start date: July 1st 2017
End date: March 28th 2020

1. Start a Youtube channel
2. Go to a concert
3. Pass my driving test
4. See the local fireworks display on Bonfire Night
5. Celebrate my birthday somewhere else in the UK
6. Watch 101 Ted Talks
7. Get a facial
8. Get another piercing
9. Redo my wardrobe and sell/donate any unwanted clothes
10. Buy a new set of frames for my glasses
11. Have a hot stone massage
12. Visit a museum that I haven’t been to before
13. See a Shakespeare play in theatre
14. Go to a new theme park
15. Answer the “50 questions that will free your mind”
16. Go paintballing
17. Host a twitter chat
18. Write at least five letters to my future self
18. Go horseback riding
19. Stop biting my nails
20. Keep a gratitude journal
21. Buy a fresh set of flowers for my room every month for a year
22. Make a list of 101 thing that make me happy

23. Go to my first blogging event
24. Get a new theme for my blog
25. Have someone guest post on my blog
26. Guest post on someone else’s blog
27. Post a lookbook on my blog
28. Reach 200 published blog posts
29. Move over to WordPress.org

30. Travel to two new countries
31. Celebrate Hogmanay in Scotland
32. Visit London during Christmastime
33. Have a staycation
34. Go on a road trip
35. Visit Disneyland Paris
36. Visit Stonehenge

37. Save £2018 in 2018
38. Save £10 for every task completed on this list

39. Raise £150 for charity
40. Start volunteering for a good cause
41. Send a care package
42. Donate to a foodbank at least three times
43. Take part in a cake sale for charity

44. Try a new sport
45. Complete the Couch to 5k
46. Complete a 30 day squat challenge
47. Go for a walk around the local area at least once a week for six months
48. Complete a Blogilates calender
49. Go vegetarian for a week
50. Go a month without drinking any fizzy drinks

51. Put together a picnic for my family
52. Cook a three course meal for my family
53. Send a letter once a month to my friends for a whole year whilst they’re in university
54. Go for a spa day with my mam and sister
55. Get professional family photos done

56. Make a key lime pie
57. Bake a batch of muffins
58. Make homemade pasta
60. Make a birthday cake for someone
61. Go to a food festival
62. Make 12 different dishes from 12 different countries

63. Maintain a scrapbook for an entire year
64. Make a patchwork blanket
65. Try 10 different mendhi designs
66. Make an item of clothing
67. Start and finish an embroidery piece

68. Go for afternoon tea in London
69. Go to an outdoor cinema
70. Go indoor rock climbing
71. Visit the Harry Potter studios at Christmas time
72. Go berry picking
73. Grow a cactus
74. Send and receive 101 postcards from postcrossing.com
75. Watch 3 classic films
76. Take a boat ride along Oxwich Bay
77. Go on a zipline
78. Carve a pumpkin for Halloween
79. Watch 101 Disney films
80. Complete a colouring book
81. Watch every film nominated for the Oscars before the awards show

82. Start university
83. Learn how to do the splits
84. Learn how to make origami paper cranes
85. Take a sewing class
86. Learn how to do galaxy freckles
87. Learn calligraphy
88. Start learning BSL
89. Learn how to do a fishtail braids
90. Go to a sushi making class
91. Learn how to french braid
92. Learn how to roller skate
93. Take a first aid course
94. Learn how to use chopsticks properly
95. Learn a new language
96. Learn how to ice skate

97. Finish writing a book on Wattpad
98. Complete NaNoWriMo
99. Read five classics
100. Read 10 Shakespeare plays
101. Read a book by 20 new authors