When Bath Thermae Spa told my sister that they weren’t going to have room for the treatments we wanted my heart sank a little bit since we had both been saving up to go there and relax for a while after what had been a stressful couple of months. There were slots available for the following week but those weren’t going to be of any use to us since my sister had to be back in work that week so there was no way that we were going to be able to make it up there. But there was no way I was going to let the Easter holiday pass us by without us getting the relaxation we’d been waiting for. So, we finally decided to have a look on the Lush website to see what spa treatments they had available and then ring up Bath Lush Spa to see if they had any room available for us and thankfully they did. Not only that but we got to have a double treatment room.


We had both opted for “The Comforter?” and one of the first things that drew me towards this treatment was the just the name of it. I am completely in love with the Comforter Bubble bar that Lush do so I needed to know what this treatment was. We opted to have a double treatment room so we knew that we would finish at the same time.

“60 minutes of pure indulgence, inspired by nostalgic comforts and the sweetest memories, consisting of a luxurious full-body exfoliation and hydrating rose serum treatment.”

The Bath Lush store is quite busy, we went in during the morning to have a look around the and pick up a few things and then went back later on for our appointment. Whilst we waited for our therapists to come up from the spa and collect us, we were give a hand and arm massage by one of the women working in the store which really set the tone for the rest of the afternoon. She was really lovely and chatty and was telling us about her own experiences with Lush Spa, especially as we had never been to one before.
After both of our therapists came to collect us, they led us downstairs to where the spa was and had us fill out some forms and after that they ran through all of the products that they were going to be using on us. The chocolate body scrub and the rose serum are both spa exclusives which I was so disappointed in because it meant that we weren’t able to buy them. They went back into our therapy room to let get the last few bits in the room ready and let us start to relax a little. For me, it was the perfect opportunity to take some photos of the sitting area.
After that, we were taken into our treatment room and after we undressed, we were put under and an electric blanket with a pillow under our heads to make us feel like we were in a bed. The music slowly started to play around us and they were covers of some amazing songs as my body began to be scrubbed with a chocolate scrub that smelt like molten chocolate. I was in absolute heaven. After my chest, arms and legs had been scrubbed and then wiped the rose serum was then applied and it was one of the most relaxing things I have ever experienced. After the treatment had finished we changed and went back into the seating area where they told us not to shower for 24 hours to let the serum sink in as it would make our skin even softer. The then gave us a drink made up of rose water and candy floss which was a little too sweet for me to drink a lot of. We were told to spend as much time as we wanted downstairs before heading out which we did take advantage of.
Overall, this was such an amazing spa experience and completely worth the money. It left me feeling like I was floating on a cloud and relaxed me completely. Definitely think I’m going to be booking another treatment as soon as I can.
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