Book Review: The One Memory of Flora Banks

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Title: The One Memory of Flora Banks
Author: Emily Barr
Publisher: Penguin
Release Date: January 12th 2017
Pages: 303
Format: Paperback
‘Seventeen-year-old Flora Banks has no short-term memory. Her mind resets itself several times a day, and has since the age of ten, when the tumour was removed from Flora’s brain took with it her ability to make new memories. That is, until she kisses Drake, her best friend’s boyfriend, the night before he leaves town. Miraculously, this one memory breaks through Flora’s fractured mind, and sticks. Flora is convinced that Drake is responsible for restoring her memory and making her whole again. So, when an encouraging email from Drake suggests she meet him on the other side of the world, Flora knows with certainty that this is the first step toward reclaiming her life. 
With little more than the words “be brave” inked into her skin, and written reminders of who she is and why her memory is so limited, Flora sets off on an impossible journey to Svalbard, Norway, the land of the midnight sun, determined to find Drake.But from the moment she arrives in the arctic, nothing is quite as it seems, and Flora must “be brave” if she is ever to learn the truth about herself, and make it safely home.’ 
How do I even start talking about this book? Emily Barr has managed to craft a book that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it. I cannot get this book out of my head! The One Memory of Flora Banks just shows the strength that someone can have within them and how you can prove people wrong. I loved the main character, Flora, even when she was at her most difficult of times.

Even though I wasn’t able to relate to what she was going though because her problems aren’t something that I’ve gone through myself, I still felt for her. There were moments in this book where my chest would ache because I felt so bad for Flora. Writing this book completely in Flora’s perspective could not have been an easy thing to do. Her lapse in memory though made me take a journey with her and I tried to piece together what was going on in her life.

The book went in a completely different way to what I had been expecting when I had first picked it up and I ended up loving it more that I thought I was going to. Barr took me on a completely new adventure without letting me know what was going to happen to Flora in the end and that’s what had me hanging on to every last word. The way Flora grew alongside the plot was so elegantly done that I did not want this book to end.

The book did tie up quite well, even though there were a few things that I would have like a little more detail into and that I would have loved to have known more about. Even so, the ending was enjoyable and it left me with so much to imagine what was going to happen to Flora and everyone around her.

Emily Barr, thank you so much for writing this book!

Rating: 5 stars


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