An Online Detox

For the past few months the internet in the house hasn’t been at all great to be honest and that’s putting it nicely. For a while, it’s just been super slow. We’ve not really been able to have more than two tabs open per laptop in the house and don’t even think about using the internet if you want to watch something on Netflix. Unless you’re ready for it to buffer every two minutes. While it has bothered everyone in the house, especially when there’s work to be done, we’ve been dealing with it.

However, recently, it was an entirely different ball game. Especially when our internet decides that it doesn’t want to work at all for a few hours and in some cases, the majority of the day. I’d come home from school and find that the internet wasn’t working and I’d need to find something else to do. And this is what kicked off my internet. while the internet wasn’t working for a couple of hours when I first came home, I sat away from a world of social media and online articles and was able to read. make lucky stars and just unwind from a stressful day in school without a screen in front of me and to be honest, when the internet did start to work again, there were times that I didn’t even want to switch on my laptop, not for a little while. I was just enjoying the peace.


Just because everything seems to be working again doesn’t mean that I have to fall into my old habits again. I want to start trying to spend more time away from the screen. To be able to sit and read a book without also checking out what’s going on on Twitter or Facebook. To spend some time with my family without us all being distracted by something else.


This is something I’m really going to work hard at over the next few months and to be honest, with exams coming up as well I really think this detox is going to help me in a lot of different areas in my life. Wish me luck!

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