Why Reading Means So Much To Me

I can’t really remember a time when books weren’t in my life. I’ve loved reading from a young age and my mother made sure that I was surrounded by them as a child. Growing up and to this day, presents from my family will consist of books or book vouchers without me having to ask. They just know that books mean a lot to me. 

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Going through secondary school, more than any other point in my life, books provided me with a certain amount of escapism. It let me get away from reality for a little and forget about everything that was going on around me. ¬†That escapism is the thing that helped me get through some rather bad days in school and let me just relax and unwind when I got home. I loved, and still love, being able to lose in completely new worlds that authors had created and parts of this world that I have yet to experience myself. 

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At a little bit of an older age, reading also gives my life a little more balance. The subjects that I’m taking in sixth form at the moment are extremely analytical and the degree that I want to go into is going to be the same. For me, reading gives me a much needed breathe of fresh air and let’s me enjoy something that’s a little more creative. It ends up being such a nice contrast for me.

I don’t think that there’s anything that could replace reading in my life. When I go a while without having read, which tends to be during exam season, I do start to feel a little empty and like I’m lacking something in my life. Books have become a second home for me. They’ve helped me grow into the person that I am today, taught me lessons that I’ve carried with and will continue to do. Books have just made my life that little bit brighter.


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