Why I Restarted My Blog

blog restarting
As some of you may or may not know, before I had this wonderful blog, I was running a different one. I started it when I was 14, just I was about to start my GCSE’s and it was a book blog with the odd lifestyle post thrown in but book reviews were primarily what I had posted. I’d fallen in love with blogging at that point. I loved getting to know people in the community and being able to share my thoughts with people who had read the same things as me.

However, as I started to grow up a little bit more, my interests had started to expand outside of books and whilst I still loved reading it wasn’t the only thing that I was doing. There was so much more that I wanted to write about and share with people. Suddenly, books weren’t my main focus any more. I wanted my blog to be something that grew with me instead of being at this standstill place.
Unintentionally, I did take a year out of blogging when I started my A Levels. I had joined a new sixth form and the work load was a little crazy so I wanted to spend the year being able to adjust what was going on in school and I settled into a new place. After getting my results in August though, I wanted to go back to doing something that I absolutely loved. So, I had a massive re-brand, bought a new blog design and bought my domain and now here I am. With a blog that I feel now reflects who I am as a person and is growing with me with every post.

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