Review: Olay Daily Facial In A Box

So, over Christmas, my mam ended up getting me Olay’s ” Daily Facial In A Box” as one of my presents and I was intrigued as to what they actually were. She got my sister the same ones and got her the ones for “normal” skin whilst I ended up getting the “sensitive” ones.

These have ended up being a massive life saver for me and I love using them. They’re great if you’re in a little bit of a rush and you really want to cleanse your face. Sometimes. when it’s getting pretty late in the evening and I just want to crawl into bed, I find these a really good way to still keep my face feeling clean without having to go through the effort of an entire cleansing process. 


So, these are a one-time use cloth that you damp and then scrub your face with. I was surprised at how much they foamed up as I used them on my face but you do get a lot out of one cloth. They don’t have a strong fragrance at all which I prefer since I sometimes find that it can irritate my skin. I don’t find that it’s rough on my skin either, it’s a really nice, smooth cleanse.

There are 30 cloths in the box to use and which is a pretty good size and you do get a lot out of them so I think they’re worth picking up. These are going to be a product that I’ll end up buying again and I did buy another two boxes when they were on offer.

You can buy the boxes in Superdrug here.

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