bujo bullet journal february goals

The longest month in the year is finally behind us and I know I’m not the only that’s glad it’s behind us. A new month means setting some new goals and reviewing the ones from January.

Reviewing January

The full list of my January goals are over here if you guys want to have a look. I only set myself four goals because I thought it might ease me into the new year a bit more. Especially since I haven’t set proper monthly goals before. And yet I still only managed to her through half of them. I managed to smash through my goals of reading two books within the month and got through four. Now, that was a bit of a surprise since I had exams but never underestimate the power of procrastination.

I did get around to practicing a bit more self care though. Even though it may not be a whole load but I did make sure to look after myself through exam season: taking regular breaks, finishing up early in the evening and just making time to still do other things that I actually enjoyed. I’m pretty damn proud of that one.

My other two goals pretty much went down the drain though. I really wanted to try and get myself back into the habit of doing yoga again. So, I thought it was pretty manageable to set myself the goal of at least doing one yoga session a week. However, I managed to get one session in for the entire month. So, not exactly what I was going for but I mean, at least I managed to put some effort into it, right?

February Goals

bujo bullet journal diary february goals

I went to town on my goals for this month. I even split them into subcategories and everything! But I’m not going to bore you with all of them so I’m just going to point out a select few.

I really want to try and keep on top of positing some what consistently on here and YouTube. So, I’ve get myself the goals of positing a minimum of four times on my blog and two times on YouTube. I have when I’m inconsistent with posting because it means that I’m not keeping on top of something that I really enjoy doing.

Uni wise the main  thing that I really want to keep on top of are my revision notes. Last semester got a little busy towards the end with my sister going into hospital and I wanted to spend more time with her whilst she was there rather than on uni work. So, insha’allah, as long as everything stays okay with everyone in the house, I should be able to keep on top of everything.

Since third isn’t as far away as I keep telling myself it is, I guess I should start thinking about my dissertation topic. There is a prewritten list that I could pick out of come Summer but I just want to see if there’s anything out there that I might want to propose to my lecturers with if it’s something I’ve got a huge interest in.

Other than that though, I’ve going to try and get through another two book which shouldn’t be too difficult since I’ve already finished one and for some reason I’ve decided that I’m going to try and get eight sessions of yoga in instead on the one that I managed in January.

Those are my main goals for this month, let me know if you have any in the comment.

Sai xo

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blog post writing

Hi hi hi! I’m pretty excited to share this post with you guys since it’s one I had in my head for a while and I finally managed to blurt it out as a blog post so I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. So, here’s the question: Who do you post for? Who’s your blogging audience and why do you write? View Full Post

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are you there god it's me margret book depository review *This post contains affiliate links and does not affect the price you pay.

‘Life isn’t easy for Margret . She’s moved away from her childhood home, she’s starting a new school, finding new friends – and she’s convinced she’s not normal. For a start she hasn’t got a clue if she wants to be Jewish like her father or Christian like her mother. Everyone else seems really sure of who they are. And, worst of all, she’s a “late developer”. She just knows that all her friends are going to need a bra before she does. It’s too embarrassing to talk to her parents about these things. So she talks to God instead – and waits for an answer…” 

Hey, lovely people! I’ve got a book review for you lot today on a book that’s actually quite old. It was originally released in 1970 but the issues that the book relates to are still things that young girls deal with all of the time. They’re the problems that most girls face growing up regardless of the decade they are in.

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mental health nurse depression

My brain has been just a teeny tiny bit of a mess over the past couple of months. More so than it has been which isn’t really great to deal with. The thing is, I really hate going to see the doctor but I hate feeling like this more. So, I did finally manage to get myself to my GP and got a referral to the mental health nurse that came into the surgery once a week.

Let’s just give a quick bit of background on this. I was diagnosed with depression in November 2017 and I’ve been on antidepressants for just over a year. One of the first times I went to see my GP about my mental health she referred me to that same mental health nurse … in 2017. And I never got anything back from that. I will take some of the blame for this because I never really chased it up. But things had gotten better and I didn’t see the point. But yeah, never got that first referral which the doctor I saw recently thought was really strange. View Full Post

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blogging world toxic toxicity bloggers stereotypes

My gosh has it been long since i’ve gotten around to writing a Chai with Sai piece. I’ve been inundated with uni assignments but I’m squeezing in time to get back to writing blog posts. So, here I am with a topic that I’ve been thinking about for a little while now. Is the blogging world as toxic as people make it out to be?

Most days I log into twitter and there will be someone talking about the latest in blogging drama or how they don’t feel that the blogging world is as supportive as it used to be. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions and I respect them. But sometimes I wonder if the blogging world is really as toxic as people on the outside feel like it is.

All influencers are painted with the same brush. We’re wannabe-celebrities, money grabbers who have never done a day’s work in their lives. And, of course, we do it for the free stuff. On top of all that, we’re apparently a vicious bunch who are harmful to society. Who blog for our own personal gain and are the least supportive people that you’ll meet. They paint a really nice picture of us, don’t they? View Full Post

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